This post has also been published on my Sunshine Coast blog – Navigator. I’ve been bookmarking pictures of Buderim Falls (or “Serenity Falls”) since before we moved to the Coast. The pictures on instagram showed a lush rainforest with a relatively short… Read More

With just four weeks to go until Milford, I’m grabbing every opportunity I can to walk- especially on weekends. I mightn’t get off-road every weekend, or climb hills, but every bit counts…right? Being away this weekend I did the 6km round trip… Read More

  A few years ago, on a weekend trip to Wellington, my friend and I declared- after imbibing in a bottle of NZ courage- that we’d enter the Blackmore’s Bridge Run and learn to, well, run. Her husband was entered in the marathon… Read More

Regular readers will know that I’m booked to do Milford Track in 7 weeks time…7 weeks tomorrow to be exact. Finding the time to train effectively with my schedule has been difficult, but I’m trying to pack as much into the weekends… Read More

It’s 16 weeks today until I leave for Queenstown- that makes it just over 16 weeks until I tackle Milford Track. I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of walking, but now really need to get the kilometres and the hills happening- on… Read More

North Bondi We started at North Bondi Surf Club. It increases the distance of the walk, but you get to walk the length of this beach. The Murals On your way along the beach, check out the murals below the car park…. Read More

So, anyways, my calf muscle is now pretty well healed, and the Routeburn Track is just over a week away. That means I have just over a week to get my head around both the distance and the hills, and get my… Read More

I’m going to let you into a secret. Just lately, my childhood fear of heights has resurfaced. It’s extended to bridges- especially those ones that curve up and across and you can’t see the other side of. It’s also extended to flyovers-… Read More

‘Of course it won’t rain,’ I said. ‘Yep, you’ll be warm enough,’ I said. ‘Nor far-about 6.5 kms,’ I said. ‘You’ll love it,’ I said. ‘How hard can it be?’ I said. Hmmmm All of these statements were true in part. As… Read More

I’ve told you before about the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk (or vice versa)…what I haven’t told you is that the track extends further north…to Watsons Bay…and further south. Yesterday I did the northern leg- from Watsons Bay to Bondi. This part… Read More