My brother is a Man From Snowy River tragic. Don’t tell him I said so, but I think he thinks he could be the man from Snowy River except for the fact that he doesn’t really like horses. Oooops. That doesn’t stop him… Read More

With just four weeks to go until Milford, I’m grabbing every opportunity I can to walk- especially on weekends. I mightn’t get off-road every weekend, or climb hills, but every bit counts…right? Being away this weekend I did the 6km round trip… Read More

I’ve just got home from a fabulous weekend in Mollymook. I’ve already popped a couple of posts up this weekend as part of my blogging every day challenge thingie­ – but there are still some more to come… We splurged a bit… Read More

‘Remember that time you challenged David to a swimming race in the sea pool,’ hubby asked as we walked along the breakwater. ‘I’m sure it would have been the other way around,’ I said, not at all convinced that it was. ‘I… Read More

In the early days of our relationship, Mr T and I spent a lot of weekends in Mollymook. Being on the South Coast, about 2 hours from Canberra (where we were living), we’d pile into the car on a Friday night after… Read More

Jindabyne at Easter. Sure, it’s a great place for a country break, but other than heading up to Thredbo and spending a fortune on adventure sports, it’s not that there’s anything to actually, well, do…is there? Whoever is in charge of these… Read More

We’ve now been home for nearly 3 weeks, and have been back at work for a week. Before the holiday becomes a distant memory, here’s the round-up post. Miles travelled Around 3,000. Yep, that many. The poor map barely made it home… Read More

  We’re currently back in the Cotswolds, in a lovely farm cottage just outside the village of Chalford. There are donkeys and sheep in the paddock behind us, and through the kitchen window is a view across the valley to Chalford Hill…. Read More

So anyways, I learnt a few things this week. For example- did you know that bananas and humans share 60% of the same DNA. It must be true- it was in my OMG Fact of the Day calendar. In any case, it certainly explains… Read More

So anyways, my holiday is over and I’m back at work today. Cue sympathy. The worst part of a holiday isn’t just the going back to work- and yes, I am grateful a have a good job, and yes, I already have… Read More