Craig’s Hut, Mt Stirling


My brother is a Man From Snowy River tragic. Don’t tell him I said so, but I think he thinks he could be the man from Snowy River except for the fact that he doesn’t really like horses. Oooops. That doesn’t stop him making us all watch the movie over and over whenever we’re down in Eucumbene. He also bears more than a passing resemblance to Russell Coight from All Aussie Adventures (come on, let’s go)…but the least said about that the better.


Anyways, he knows that I’ve always wanted to head down to the Victorian High Country (and, in some circles, will admit to enjoying the movie too…shhhhh), so when he found out we were heading up to Queensland to live, immediately said we couldn’t go without first seeing Craig’s Hut – the hut created for the movie for Jim Craig. It’s on Mt Stirling and to get up there you need a 4WD (or be prepared to walk 1.7km uphill and, after Milford Track, that was so not going to happen) and he just happens to have a 4WD (with all the accessories, including a built in bottle opener and stubby holders on the tray back), so off we went. Road trip!


Craig’s Hut…


Yeah, we weren’t doing the walk up.

Craig’s Hut was originally built as a set for the movie The Man From Snowy River, but has become a landmark ever since. Apparently it’s a pretty good replica of the high country settler’s huts. Regardless of whether or not it’s real, it’s extremely photogenic.


Sitting on top of Mt Stirling, the views are spectacular. Up here, on a clear day, you really can see forever.



Bindaree Falls…


You’d think after Milford Track that I’d be all waterfalled out, but seriously, can a girl ever have enough waterfalls?


This one is different to the ones we saw on track for a number of reasons:

  • It’s much smaller
  • You only have to walk uphill about 1o minutes
  • You can walk around behind the falls


Where we barbecued…

Bindaree Shelter Hut

Bindaree Flat. My brother is an ideas man, so had thought ahead and brought a single burner stove, frypan, sausages and bread rolls with him. Sadly he isn’t enough of an ideas man to have anticipated what the constant jolting would do to the beers in the esky in the back of the truck. Luckily we were able to salvage four.


What else…

While there are plenty of places up here to camp and picnic, you need to bring everything in with you- and take everything back out – and that includes your rubbish. There are toilets up here, but they are long drops and you will need to have your own toilet paper.

Where we stayed…


Mansfield is in the foothills of the Victorian alps, an easy drive to Mt Stirling or Mt Buller, and about 180kms north east of Melbourne. With stops, I suppose it was around an 8 hour drive from Sydney. We stayed Friday and Saturday night at Mansfield Holiday Park. We booked 2 cabins and they couldn’t have been more perfect – or cost effective. The cabins are neat, functional, comfortable and have all you need with none of the frills you don’t. It’s off-season so was quiet too, with just a few of the caravan sites booked.

Where we ate…

The mural at Social Bandit
The mural at Social Bandit

Mansfield itself is full of good food options, but we’d driven enough, so on Friday night we walked around the corner to The Social Bandit. They do craft beers and fabulous wood-fired pizzas.





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  1. I’m so lazy with my weekends whereas you’re constantly exploring. Depressingly I remember going to see The Man From Snowy River and marvelling at its beauty!

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