Pumpkin is one of those vegetables (yes, I know that technically it’s a fruit) that I have a love-hate relationship with. My mother used to mash it with potato and I hated it so much I’d gag on it. ‘Oh Joanne,’ she’d… Read More

So anyways, we had a fabulous weekend in Eucumbene. It was cold enough that we got to wear proper winter jackets and beanies, but not uncomfortably so. It didn’t snow, but there was plenty higher up left over from the big dump… Read More

I think it’s time that we talked more about the mighty jaffle. For hundreds of years people have been putting fillings between two pieces of bread and putting it all in a cast iron jaffle maker and sticking it into an open… Read More

So anyways, it’s Friday. As this goes to post, we’re heading south for our annual camping trip– although to call it camping isn’t strictly correct: There’s no sleeping in tents- well, except for my brother- but that’s his choice There is a flushing toilet and… Read More

So anyways, I’ve been glamping this weekend. Each August Bank Holiday my little family of three joins with my brother’s not so little family of five in a weekend away at my Uncle’s property just out of Eucumbene in the Snowy Mountains…. Read More

So I’ve been camping over the weekend. It’s probably a little more like glamping- you know, glamorous camping…except that it’s not really camping and it’s definitely not glamorous. With my brother and his family we were out in the middle of a… Read More

There’s usually snow up here at this time of the year. But not this year. We’d come up to the highest point in Eucumbene locality- almost 1600m- and nothing. Judging by the grass, there hadn’t been much at all this season. That… Read More

The plan was simple. No inside cooking. Unless it could be cooked outside- either on the barbecue or in the “camp” fire, we wouldn’t eat it.  How hard could it be? Part of the plan was inspired by pure laziness- if we… Read More