Eucumbene – The Wrap-Up

Okay, I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon at the airport waiting for a flight home that we’ve just found out is delayed by an hour. Anyways, given that I’ll be head down in day job tomorrow and laundry and packing for Melbourne I’m going to cheat a tad for this week’s post and give you a super quick Eucumbene photo wrap-up.


The weather was fabulous – cold, crisp, frosty mornings and cool, sunny days. Unfortunately, this meant no snow where we stay (although apparently, they’re expecting a massive dump of the stuff this weekend…of course) but it also meant no environmental challenges with the campfire.

In previous years we’ve had to deal with all three – snow, wind, rain and extreme cold. It adds a frisson of self-congratulation when the dish works, and something to talk and laugh about when it doesn’t.

There was, however, some of the white stuff a very short drive away for the kids to faff about in, but not nearly as much as in past years. (Note, I just checked the weather and it’s dumping down right now…typical!)


Ok, just look at the colour we got in the sky.


On the camp oven. I made them the traditional way and they were beautifully soft, light and had all the layers they should have. With a lashing of butter and some golden syrup they were just perfect.


It’s out and it’s beautiful.


This year we had the leftover chicken curry jaffle and the Mumbai leftover sausage and cheese jaffle. The latter started life as a cheese and onion jaffle with a sprinkling of cumin, coriander and ginger, and was taken in a new direction with leftover sausage. Nicer than it sounds.

Clancy’s Campfire

As always we ate amazingly well.

My brother was responsible for a very good chicken curry and some beautifully spicy lamb koftas.

I made a French-style chicken braised in red wine vinegar and tarragon which, I must admit, I congratulated myself quite a bit over.

Together we created a knock-out beef pie with Asian flavours. My brother prepared the slow-cooked beef with amazing Asian flavours…

…and I managed a shortcrust pastry that was mighty impressive, improvising with a wine bottle when there was no rolling pin to be found.

no rolling pin no worries

As always, although there is a kitchen inside the cabin we stay in, all meals (other than breakfast) were prepared and cooked outside.

I’d like to give you more pics of the dishes however all the overhead lighting had tripped during our stay so insufficient light for photography.

We call ourselves the Clancys and even found a wine named after us!

Chilling Out

I even managed some reading and writing…


The lake is super low at the moment – everything is soooo dry. Apparently parts of the old town are popping up in the lake.

Trees and the whole nature thing…

There’s something about listening to trees and birds that centres you… And in answer to my husband who is reading this over my shoulder, the photo above is the right way up – I took it leaning back in my chair.

Winter Wonderland

It was minus 3 when we left on Monday morning to drive back to Sydney – which made for some lovely winter landscapes.

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  1. It really is a beautiful part of the world – your cooking is very fancy for ‘camping’. All sounds delicious! And that sunset! Oh my!

  2. I love the stunning scenery and fiery sunset. Such a nice way to relax and recharge during the winter, and your impressive cooking and baking make the trip even more attractive.#lovin’lifelinky

  3. Wow – it’s so beautiful there Jo. How lovely! You and your brother and the meals you made have me salivating!! YUM! We stayed at Jindabyne once when we did a big road trip down south and stayed at various places. This was the trip in my 40’s (kids all still at school) when I saw snow for the very first time. We stayed at Jindabye and spent the day at Thredbo. Couldn’t afford all the expenses involved in skiing but we tobogganed and had an absolute ball. #TeamLovinLife

  4. Spectacular scenery, Jo! You remind me about living in another hemisphere on our planet. I especially love the colours in the sky. I can (almost) taste the scones. And the chicken. Salivating at this end of the planet:)

    1. Those scones were pretty good… Sadly my kangaroo photos were too blurry and in the distance to post – although there were so many of them around this trip.

  5. With food that good, I think even I could be tempted to go camping! Everything looks so yummy and I’m especially impressed with your pastry prowess. Mother Nature certainly put on quite a show for you – the colours are amazing! Good luck for Melbourne!

  6. What a trip. I love the photos of the snowy fields. And I wouldn’t mind having a cuppa and one of those scones. Fantastic trip. I also discovered some fun blogs through the linkup party. Well done, Jo.

    1. Thanks for that…I’m also glad you discovered some new blogs through the link up! Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Jo you put me to shame once again – nobody but you could put out that kind of cuisine over a campfire (I couldn’t do it in a normal oven!) Gorgeous photos and you almost convinced me that camping in the cold would be fun (I’m lying – I’ll stick to camping vicariously through you!) xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  8. What a great wrap-up Jo! I love your photos and the sound of the food you managed to produce. So much fun! It’s cold down here now I can tell you 🙂

  9. haha – I used to have a rolling pin just like that! Your photos tell a great pictorial tale and the location looks lovely. I hear rumours it could snow in Canberra tomorrow so I suspect there will be lots around Eucumbene. Did I spell that right? Love the tree at the end.

  10. Hi Jo, if this is cheating you can cheat anytime. The photos are glorious and yes I’ll have a scone with jam and cream thank you! I love your attitude to life which always shines through no matter what you are doing. Thank you for sharing at #MLSTL and being you. xx

  11. That food all looks amazing! And such beautiful scenery! I’ve actually only seen snow once. I had half thought of trying to get over to New Zealand this year (with the Flight Centre voucher I needed to use) for my second glimpse but it wasn’t to be.

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