What makes a great jaffle?

Our outdoor kitchen
Our outdoor kitchen

I think it’s time that we talked more about the mighty jaffle.

For hundreds of years people have been putting fillings between two pieces of bread and putting it all in a cast iron jaffle maker and sticking it into an open fire. Ok, perhaps I made most of that up, but it could very well have been true. I’d very much like it to be true.

When we’re in Eucumbene we cook over fire- I’ve told you that before. Part of that involves a jaffle-off…it’s a competition of sorts.

This year, inspired in part by a challenge on Masterchef, I put some serious research into it. I started with a poll of sorts- on Facebook. Some seriously good suggestions came up. We had (amongst others):

  • The roast lamb dinner jaffle
  • The breakfast jaffle
  • The eggs bennie jaffle
  • The banana cheesecake jaffle
  • The banana and nutella jaffle
  • The apple pie jaffle
  • The peking duck jaffle
  • The plastic cheese and peanut butter jaffle…yes, really…apparently late at night…

I spread my survey wider- and opened most meetings at work with the question: ‘what’s your favourite jaffle filling?’

The key findings from all of this research was clear: everyone has a favourite jaffle filling…and pretty well anything can go into the middle of one- as long as cheese is involved.

To keep it simple for the campfire, we came up with some rules:

  • The jaffle had to be able to be eaten in one hand
  • The jaffle had to involve either leftovers or basic esky or pantry staples
  • The jaffle shouldn’t be accessorised with pointless garnishes
  • The jaffle shouldn’t involve the pre-cooking of any filling for the express purpose of being used in the jaffle (see the rule above about leftovers)
  • Any sort of bread or bread like product is permitted in the jaffle
  • The jaffle can be cooked either directly on the fire or on the fire plate.
a double jaffle iron in action
a double jaffle iron in action

So, what did we come up with?

Preparations for the Lyons Den jaffles

On Friday, the Lyons Den wowed the crowd (ok, their kids and us) with their ham and pineapple pizza jaffle and their meatlovers pizza jaffle. For me, though, the star of the day was the peking duck jaffle. Seriously yummy. The use of Turkish bread for the peking duck jaffles was a master touch.


The Tracey clan backed up on Saturday with Mexican pulled pork (Wednesday nights dinner- leftovers frozen) and guacamole jaffles


and, the kids’ favourite for the day, the spag bol (Tuesday nights dinner- leftovers frozen) jaffle.


All prepared outside on the Eucumbene masterchef kitchen, and all cooked in jaffle irons over fire.

What’s your favourite jaffle filling? Have you tried the plastic cheese and peanut butter combo? Yeah, no, me neither…

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