Have I mentioned how much I love my bullet journal (thanks Mish). Now, rather than racking my brains over what actually happened last week, I have it all there – on just one double page. Snippets, notes, single sentences. I jot as… Read More

Well, what a funny old week this one has been – both in the funny ha ha and the funny isn’t it ironic sort of way. I came to Sydney for the week expressly to deal with, support – whatever you want… Read More

I’m really starting to settle into the rhythm of life up here on the Sunshine Coast – and a rhythm it is. My day is now pretty well governed by the movement of the sun. I watch the sun come up every… Read More

Friday already! Gotta love these short working weeks…and we have another next week. We’re back from holidays – although I still have a few posts left to bore you with on Vietnam and Thailand. Miss T is (I think) glad to have… Read More

It’s the end of March, so time to take stock. This month’s taking stock comes to you from the departure terminal at Sunshine Coast Airport on Wednesday morning where we’re waiting for a (delayed) flight to Sydney in order to fly to… Read More

What a week! I feel as though I’ve barely drawn breath – but then I suppose that’s what happens when there’s so much on. I did, of course, celebrate my 50th birthday last Sunday – well, the birthday was officially on Sunday,… Read More

I hit a bit of a wall during the week. I’d been out too much, eaten too much food – especially too much dude food – and drunk too much wine and beer. I was tired of getting up at 5am to… Read More

So anyways, I took myself off to Manly today. In the rain. I stood out on the deck of the ferry – in the rain; and walked around – in the rain. It was fabulous – albeit wet. We see Sydney and… Read More

Where do I start? Last weekend was a bit of a blur of farewell parties. At the same time as pretending not to feel sad about leaving, I’m grateful that I have people in my life that I am genuinely sad to… Read More

As I begin writing this it’s 7.18am and the neighbour behind us has had power tools going for approximately 18 minutes. He’s entitled to – it’s Saturday and it’s after 7am. The problem is though – and it’s my problem, not his… Read More