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It’s been a funny old week. I’ve been in Sydney for work – I arrived home on Thursday night – so there have been very few photos on Instagram. Plus the head cold that I was sure that I wouldn’t catch I caught. Let’s just say that Thursday wasn’t a great day, the Thursday night flight wasn’t a very comfortable flight home and I was very glad not to be in the office on Friday – virtual or otherwise.

This blog is a politics-free zone so I won’t talk about the election. I will, however, state my outrage, yes, outrage, at the lack of a democracy sausage sizzle at our polling place. I’m well aware of the privilege that, regardless of how I feel about the result, it is to be able to cast a vote freely and without intimidation (that is unless you count running the gauntlet of the how to vote cards) so try not to complain about the relatively slight inconvenience of having to turn up on a Saturday morning to do so. The sausage sizzle is, however, an integral part of that process. Shame, Mountain Creek State School, shame.

Despite that there were some bright spots – there always are. In fact, as usual, there are more than five…

Nigella week on Masterchef… 

Of course, I was always going to love this. I won’t give any spoilers in case my Kiwi bestie reads this, but I’m supremely glad that roast chicken made an appearance. In other news, she’s coming for a visit – my friend, not Nigella – and I’m excited about that but will need to be careful about Masterchef spoilers.

My new Fitbit band…

It’s magnetic and I had hours, okay minutes, of fun seeing what it would stick to in the office. Filing cabinets, paperclips…hours, I say.

Time to read…

As much as I dislike the commute it does give me time to read and I read a few books last week. One, “The Other Half Of Augusta Hope”, I got on Netgalley for review purposes. The formatting was dreadful and while I understand it was an uncorrected review copy, it was enough to distract me from the writing which was very good indeed. As for the story? Beautifully written but too dark and sad throughout for my liking. The sadness came in layers and I simply wasn’t in the mood for that. The book stayed with me though so I’ll be rating it 4 stars. There was one paragraph I loved and really resonated with me:

“Our grieving was an exchange of cakes through the winter because sometimes the only things you can do in response to big things are small things. There aren’t big enough big things.”

Cold mornings…

There’s something about a cold, wintry morning that feels fresh. Standing at the bus stop I could see my breath in the air and I liked it.

Season 20 Midsomer Murders

Yes, season 20, and it’s on Foxtel. Have I ever mentioned how my secret ambition (maybe not so secret now) is to be an extra on the show? I could be a dog walker in Badger’s Drift. If anyone knows how to make that happen please let me know.

Season 4 Shetland

It’s called season 3 on Netflix but it’s really season 4 and I’m very glad that Jimmy Perez is back. I binge-watched all episodes this weekend, a box of tissues beside me. The luxury of a head cold when you don’t have to work.

Congratulations to…

My writerly friend Samantha Wood. A fellow indie, we come from the same editorial stable – is there such a thing? Anyways, she’s released “Under Ten Thousand Stars”. Not only do I love the title, but the cover design is also glorious.

Roasted tomatoes

With excellent bread…is there anything better? I slow-roasted the tomatoes with some thyme, a couple of cloves of grated garlic, a good glug of balsamic vinegar and a bigger glug of olive oil. We finished it off with basil and squashed the tomatoes onto and into the bread and it was almost medicinal in its goodness.

Purple-sprouted broccoli…

I was very happy to see some at the farmer’s market yesterday. That’s it in the main pic above.

Adventure Spaniel…

What would I do without her “help” when I’m blogging? Lucky I didn’t need that part of the keyboard.

In case you missed it…

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That was my week…how was yours?




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  1. You managed to make me smile this morning Jo, with your great collection of 5 (?) things. I love that Risk Astley song list (enough said!) and our polling booth didn’t have a sausage sizzle either, but I can’t remember if we usually do or not! I can just imagine you going around sticking your Fitbit to every magnetic surface just to see if it would stick – how funny, that’s something I would do too!!! Hope you’re feeling better now. #lifethisweek

    1. Sadly, that’s exactly what I did do – walk around the office seeing what would stick. I’m sure my colleagues thought that living in Queensland must have sent me mad. When I tried to do it with the knife and fork at home Mum said, ‘really Joanne?’ in that disapproving I’m a teenager again voice lol.

  2. Loved your Rick Astley for Prime Minister Jo – and to be honest I quite like ScoMo – but was totally amazed that he was voted back in. I think Australia is a bit over all the political upheavals from the last few years and decided to play safe.
    My distraction from the election was Eurovision – which I have a weird and eternal love for – my daughter and I FB message all thru it and I’ll have to make mention of it in my end of month round up post – Australia was awesome and should have one – damn those Europeans and their tit for tat voting system!
    And I chortled at your fitbit band – I have one coming in the mail – the rainbow coloured one and now I’m going to have to see if it sticks to things in my house too! xx

    1. Lol. I love Eurovision – it’s my type of pop music. Oh, and I think you’re right re political change… Have a great week.

  3. I don’t have a fitbit Jo so I’m a little envious of your magnetic band! Rick Astley now there is a blast from the past and I can’t believe there was no Democracy Sausage. It is outrageous although a booth near my friend in the inner city of Brisbane had Scones, Jam and Cream which is a little CWA isn’t it? Others tried to be clever with baked goods named after the various candidates. Those slow roasted tomatoes look so delicious and yes with crusty fresh bread you can’t beat it. I hope this week is a little slower for you workwise and your cold doesn’t hang around too long. #lifethisweek

    1. Scones, jam & cream is a tad CWA, although as Claire, my lead character in my new novel says, the world would be a nicer place if there were more tea and scones in it. Have a great week.

  4. I just put a new FitBit band on yesterday… and yes, it’s a magnetic one! I found that typing when on my computer, my wrist kept sticking to the side of the keyboard! Not fun. I haven’t tried to stick it everywhere, but I am so going to try and lift a fork now! And those tomatoes look lovely – my kind of meal…perhaps with a nice red wine? I’m looking forward to tomato season (still months away here).

    1. Thankfully I don’t stick to the keyboard or I’d be annoyed beyond belief! And yep, we had some red wine with the tomatoes and bread and it was delicious. Sometimes the simple things in life really are the best.

  5. Hope you’re feeling loads better. “Sometimes the only things you can do in response to big things are small things.” Perfect for the post election depression – I shall have to commit it to memory! Those roasted tomatoes look so good. I might have to go to the shops to buy some tomatoes just so I can make some! Can you believe I haven’t watched any Masterchef? I have really fallen out of love with it for the last couple of years but side note, I did buy that recipe/story book you told me about. I cried reading the acknowledgements and haven’t been back to it since! And how funny is a magnetic fitbit? I’ve had one for a while and keep forgetting that it’s magnetic… Until I stick to something!

    1. Thanks Sammie, I think I was rundown but feeling better already. I still love <asterchef. I went off it a couple of years ago when it was just all desserts – and fancy ones at that. Nor do I watch the ridiculous pressure tests – those ones that do unnecessary stuff to food. Just how sad are those acknowledgements? Oh my, I was a crying mess. I'm using her black seeded bread and the marmite pasta in Christmas at Curlew Cottage. Remind me to talk to you when I see you about some ideas I have re that…

  6. Jo, you’ve made my week of not year! Roasted tomatoes!!!! Definitely going to try this for dinner soon. Sorry the flight home was pretty ordinary.

    SSG xxx

    1. I don’t recommend flying with a heavy cold, but roasted tomatoes with plenty of garlic put me on the road to recovery.

  7. The roasted tomatoes looked amazing. Sorry you have been unwell. I have a bee in my retired principal’s bonnet about schools lacking in sausage sizzles. They “may” not have parent volunteers to put them on. Sad to say, it is all about volunteers for this kind of event and if the school does not have that then no sauso sizzle. I will add, as another principal friend reminded me, is that Saturdays and sport commitments can make it very hard to get anyone to run stalls.
    Oh and “before I got my apple watch” I had a fitbit with the aluminium band with the magnet. Yes, I hear you what it can pick up!!
    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek Next week’s optional prompt is “Self-Care share your story”. Denyse

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