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Okay, it’s 5.30 on Monday morning and I’m at Sunshine Coast airport waiting for a flight to Sydney that boards in just 30 minutes so I’ll be making this quick this week. Oh, and this week’s post contains way too much food and not nearly enough exercise…you have been warned.


Soooooo good to get back to the beach this week for morning walks and sunrises. It’s this – and fresh air – that I miss when I’m away.


My Kiwi bestie and her hubby were over for a long weekend and it was great to catch up. As a result of a lot of great food and wine I’m sure I’m a few kilos heavier as a result, but it was absolutely worth it.

Lemon Linguini

Coming soon to the Nigella files. Very easy, very quick, and very yummy.

State of The Union

Not *that* State of the Union, but the one on ABC at present. On iview, it’s a series of 10 short 10-minute episodes where a recently estranged couple meets each week in a pub before going to their relationship counsellor. It’s English and it’s actually quite smart and funny.

Think Greek

Spero’s, newish on Mooloolaba Wharf. With fabulous views (above) and good food (below), we’ll be back for more.

Cooking Class

At The Spirit House. There’s a reason why these guys run one of the best cooking schools in the country. It’s a great class. We did a Vietnamese class and I’ll be trying everything again at home. The clay pot pork in coconut water and star anise I intend to try on the campfire.

Purple gin

It’s a thing & I had some with elderflower tonic at the Spirit House bar after we cooked on Friday night.

Market platters for lunch

My kind of grazing plate…

And even more food…

I told you there would be plenty of food in this post, and here’s some more – a 7 course, 12 tasting, banquet at Spice Bar in Mooloolaba on Saturday night. It’s seriously no wonder we didn’t feel like doing much more than giggling over selfies with snapchat filters!

Ok, that was pretty much my week. There was more – both food and laughs – but they should be calling my flight any minute now. Until next time…





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  1. That looks like you had a fab weekend – that purple gin seems to be quite the thing at the moment! Hope you are quickly on another plane sooN! (I’m magic and know that you’ve been deplaned….) #Lifethisweek

  2. Fabulous times with friends certainly trump exercise and restraint don’t they Jo? Once again I’ve enjoyed your photos but I must say I’ve never seen a purple gin before and the Spirit House cooking class has been on my list forever. I need to maybe drop some hints for my birhtday LOL:) Try not to work too hard in Sydney and have a great week. xx

  3. Definitely lots of food (and those pics keep popping up on FB to taunt me!) I guess not being a chef is a good thing for my waistline – I can enjoy the pics without the associated calories! And I don’t envy you your early airport start – retirement is definitely making me lazier!

  4. I had one too many (or not enough) grazing platters over the last week I was off work haha. But it’s not a break without a lot of cheese, I figure.

  5. I definitely shouldn’t have read this post on a fast day! I’ve been eating vicariously through you on the socials – everything looks so delicious. I hope you saved some stomach space for our dumplings!

  6. I only ever manage to catch our glorious sunsets on my camera at the moment so thank you for sharing the beauty of the sunrises. Each one is different but they are all beautiful.

    SSG xxx

  7. Wow Jo, you weren’t kidding, so much food but delicious looking food too. Thanks for the warning at the start of your post 🙂 . I love seeing your sunrise shots, especially as it’s almost snowing here today and freezing cold as well! Very enjoyable post. #lifethisweek

  8. Okay, I should have heeded the warning about food and not read further! There is so much I’m craving now even though I’ve had dinner and am full. Such amazing meals! Also, the ABC show sounds interesting – must watch!

  9. Your posts are always a great tribute to the new life you are making for yourselves on the Sunny Coast. Thanks for sharing them!!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek and next week’s optional prompt is 22/51 First Job. 3/6/19 Warm wishes, Denyse

  10. I love how much you love living at the Sunny Coast.

    State of the Union sounds good. I’ve not heard of it so much check it out. I like the idea of short eps!

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