Singapore’s National Orchid Garden

I rarely do these wordless Wednesday things, but when you have a heap of photos of orchids that you can’t decide which to feature… well, that calls for a post where the photos do the talking. The thing is, it’s Thursday, I’m in Sydney and I don’t really have the time (or the inclination) to do much more than post the pics…so here goes: Singapore’s National Orchid Garden in all it’s glory.

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Author: Jo

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  1. Beautiful. Are you still there? Go to Art Science for Future World (it’s great) and Floating Worlds (whatever it’s called) just opened on the weekend – looks great. I’d also do the Alice exhibition, but I’m MAD for Alice. #Lovinglifelinky

    1. Nah, been home for weeks…although when I say home, I’m in Sydney again at the moment, but that doesn’t count.

  2. Just stunning, Jo! I was excited when our orchid actually bloomed again – with my green thumb I thought I would surely kill it but it survived (hear applause). These photos are stunning and I was just saying to Mike last night how the beauty of nature brings me such joy. Thank you for starting my Thursday with these gorgeous orchids and photos. Have a beautiful day and a fabulous weekend. #lovinlifelinky

  3. So beautiful, Jo. The colours, including the white orchids, are instant mood lifters.Thanks for sharing them. #lovinlifelinky

  4. I forgot about Singapore and its orchards. I’m remembering now though that I eventually came home from Cambodia / Vietnam that way and it was a big deal for the customs and quarantine people. There were lots of mentions on the flight and I’m pretty sure they still pulled people up on arrival.

    1. Some people just don’t listen…It’s like the ones who hold up boarding international flights arguing that the liquid in their bottle is just water so doesn’t actually count as liquid.

  5. Wow! Beautiful! Great photos Jo! I really do love orchids. BTW – I miss those Wordless Wednesdays. I used to be right into them but then I used to be much more into photography then. I seem to have run out of time for that lately – something I really should rectify! #TeamLovinLife

    1. Thanks Min…I’m never great at the wordless thing – I have way too much I usually want to say!

  6. What lovely flowers! There’s nothing wrong with just images on your post. Sometimes, I just post photos without words (actually, quite often) just to share the beauty I have found.

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