Journalling in July – Week 4

My bloggy buddy Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 is on a mission this month to get more people journaling. I journal daily – mostly in bullet points – but Sue’s come up with a great list of prompts if you’ve always thought that you might like to journal but don’t really know where to start.

Each Saturday in July Sue and another bloggy buddy, Deb from Deb’s World are hosting a journaling linky showcasing the week’s prompts. Here goes for this week’s prompts…

Day 21 – I’m Good At

This is a seriously tough question – and not because I’m the type of person who likes to run myself down or do that whole false modesty thing that, quite frankly, truly annoys me.

So, I asked my family and this, apparently is what I’m good at:

  • Writing (thanks, hubby)
  • I’m an ideas girl (thanks Sarah)
  • Although we sometimes need to bring you back onto the practical plane – Ummm, Grant, this is supposed to be what I’m good at, not what I need help with!
  • I can remember song lyrics even if I haven’t heard the song in question in decades
  • I can apply Abba lyrics to most of life’s big issues
  • When I’m not around everything is too quiet (I think that’s good?)
  • I’m a good cook
  • I’m a good baker
  • I’m good at seeing things to laugh at
  • I always look for the sunny side
  • I’m a good manipulator – Ummm Sarah, please explain?
  • I’m good at getting people to do things and make them think it’s their idea – okay, a little clearer I suppose…
  • I’m good at not forming a judgement on people – I’m extremely open-minded
  • I’m good at finding out things
  • I’m interested in lots of stuff

Me: What surprised me is that no one mentioned I was a good singer? I’m always bursting into song. 

Sarah: Ummm, Mum, that’s because you’re crap at singing.

Me: Well, that’s a little hurtful! In fact, I think I could be on Pitch Perfect doing a riff-off.

Sarah: Please don’t say things like that.

Day 22 – I’m Thankful For

Pretty much everything! I love (nearly) everything and everyone in my life and I’m thankful for that.

At this moment I’m thankful for sunny days that allow me to get out and walk heaps, and that I work from home so I can go for a walk at lunchtime in the sun. I’m thankful for Adventure Spaniel who always wants to walk with me at lunchtime in the sun and I’m thankful for podcasts so I can find out about things while I’m walking in the sun with Adventure Spaniel.

Day 23 – My Favourite Season

Right now with the wattle out.

Winter in South East Queensland takes some beating. But I also love summer and swimming every day – having said that I hate the humidity and I dread going to Sydney in summer when they have those ridiculous temperatures.

I love autumn when the leaves change in the southern states and the days (and nights) get cooler and the cane toads go into hibernation.

I also love spring and the first green of new growth and spring bulbs and spring vegetables – not that we get any of that where I live, but I love it when I’m in it. 

I love going south in winter and rugging up and feeling cold and needing fires and comfort foods, and I love summer in New Zealand when there’s no humidity, nasty snakes and cane toads.

I think that about covers it!

Day 24 – What I Don’t want in my life

  • Mean people who can only feel good about themselves when they’re making other people feel bad about themselves.
  • TV shows that emphasise the meanness and encourage factions and coalitions and strategies in order to win (MKR and Survivor, I’m looking at you).
  • Speaking of reality shows, I could also do without The Bachelor and Married At First Sight in my life – again because it brings out the worst in people.
  • Dementors – people who are so down on life all the time that they suck the feel good out of you.
  • People who only ring when they’ve got a problem they need you to deal with and then don’t bother calling or making an effort at any other time.
  • Cane toads.

 Day 25 – I’m Excited About….

  • Eucumbene and our (almost) annual campfire cook-off challenge next weekend. 
  • A weekend in Melbourne with my bestie the week after next – and the RWA Awards Night
  • Mostly though I’m well into planning and can’t wait mode for our English Christmas later this year.

Day 26 – The best thing about today

  • A 10km walk early this morning.
  • A picnic in the park
  • Good progress on the rewrite for Escape to Curlew Cottage

Oh wait, that’s three things…

where we picnicked

Day 27 – My Favourite Movie and Why

I think I’ve watched the Sound Of Music a million and one times and every single time I cry when Maria runs back across the grass to the children.

My fave movie though would be Notting Hill…or Love Actually…or Four Weddings and A Funeral.

I prefer English movies, love a good rom-com and a happy ending…and I like Hugh Grant.

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  1. What a fun post to read! I enjoyed seeing the feedback on the what you’re good at and how you used others thoughts to help form your post. And Sarah’s response about your singing had me laughing out loud.
    Loved it all!

  2. What fun Jo! I love how we asked our family for ideas of what we’re good at, it tells us something that we even had to do that doesn’t it? I love your answer for what you don’t want in your life – cane toads 🙂 . I’m also thrilled to hear you’re planning a Christmas in UK as well! Keep on singing girl, even if it’s not appreciated! The month is nearly over!!

  3. Just beautiful Jo. I’m late to reading because I’ve just run the Gabba Stomp – 5,000 stairs so have been away from my computer. I love singing too and like you can remember words to songs from decades ago. At least my grandsons appreciate my singing but of course they will grow up one day and tell me to ‘stop singing, Nan!’. I just love you and your personality and your books. I’m eagerly awaiting the next one. I’m so pleased we had this linkup because I’ve loved reading everyone’s take on the prompts. As for ABBA enough said – I still remember singing with them at their Museum in Stockholm. Have a fabulous week and thanks for taking part in our #journalinginjuly. x

    1. You continue to amaze me – 5000 stairs….I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Thank YOU for the prompts.

  4. Hi Jo, I enjoy reading the journaling entries:) Interesting how you approached “I’m good at.” The Abba lyrics made me smile. (Same with me, plus Sound of Music:). I am lately a fan of podcasts, too. I haven’t heard the word “Dementor” in awhile. It fits. OMgosh, Jo. I am writing my note as I am reading and just now came across your “Sound of Music” reference. Kindred spirits!

  5. Abba lyrics for every life moment…. I’m feeling a post challenge coming up! But the side comments on the good at list was the best.

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