That’s a Wrap – January 20, 2019


the week in photos

It’s been a week of highs, lows and middles. Without dwelling on the lows, let’s dive straight into the wrap…

What amazed me…

That my internet is still working. Between the recorded robotic messages from people named (variously) Michelle, Cheryl, and others from the “Australian Broadband Network calling from Australia” telling me that my internet will be cancelled, and the usual calls from “Telstra” with the same message, I’m surprised I’m still operational. Of course, it makes them so much more believable when they say they’re calling from Telstra in North Sydney. In fact, once I said, ‘Really? I work in the same building! How about I bring my credit card down?’ Strangely that caused a hang-up.

Anyways, they’ve seemed to have upped the number of nuisance calls of late, but I’ve found that the best (and most enjoyable) way of getting them to hang up is to say, ‘Oh My God! I’m so glad you’ve called again. Would you like me to get my credit card because what you did last time didn’t work!”

I’ve even managed to get a few of them to swear at me before they hang up – which I take as being a fist pump moment.

While on the subject, this week I’ve also had calls from “the Australian Taxation Office” and “the Australian Federal Police” and the “Australian Accident Authority” threatening me respectively with tax fraud, an outstanding warrant and non-payment of an insurance claim.

By far, though, the most annoying of all have been the texts from Clive Palmer’s UAP. Hilariously the last (unsolicited) text read as follows:

And no, even the thought of no more unsolicited texts isn’t a good enough reason to vote for them.

What made me giggle…

This, as seen on Instagram during the week.

What made me sing along…

Hubby and I spent Saturday in Brisbane to see Jersey Boys. I’d seen it a few years ago in Sydney but had to admit to remembering very little of it and was amazed yet again that some of the songs I knew from being recorded by other artists were done by Frankie Valli first. I still, however, can’t think of “Bye Bye Baby” without thinking of the Bay City Rollers. As an aside, that song was on the first album I ever bought in 1975. Yes, I am that old. And yes, I still have the album “Once Upon A Star”.

Anyways, it was a lovely day out and a show well worth the drive down the Bruce Highway for.

The Brisbane Eye

Making friends with hills…

I still haven’t made it to the top of the Ballinger Rd Hill, but have set myself the target of doing so this week – even if I do have to stop all the way up. At least the stops allow me to notice things like these gorgeous flowers. From Feb I’m going to park at the top and walk down – so I have no choice but to walk the whole way back up.

As an aside, I’ve found another annual event that uses this hill – a charity run up and back called the Ballinger Burn.

What I blogged…

About Roast Chicken – an introduction to my Nigella Challenge; the one where I cook my way through How To Eat.

What I wrote…

Nothing. I need to sit down and get a timetable to my editor for the year. The characters in my Christmas book are, however, screaming at me very loudly so I’m going to start writing it with a view to a November release. The title will be Christmas at Curlew Cottage. For those of you who have read Wish You Were Here, this is a return to Brookford – the fictional village in the Cotswolds. It is, however, a stand-alone.

What I read…

Another Jenny Colgan – I’m addicted. I’m currently reading Jay Rayner’s The Ten (Food) Commandments. I’ve also been reading restaurant reviews in The Guardian by Jay Rayner, Grace Dent and others – for research. There you are: I’ve given you a little hint about Christmas at Curlew Cottage

What I cooked…

I’ve started my Nigella Challenge with, naturally, roast chicken. I’ll write about it on Thursday.

After being inspired by an English friend’s sticky date syrup steamed pudding a couple of weeks ago I made my very first steamed pudding – a lemon syrup one. I think I could be just a little bit addicted to my pudding basin. While, like the roast chicken, it wasn’t terribly photogenic, it was easy to make and tasted of lemony comfort. I served it with some lemon cream that I made by mixing together some leftover lemon curd with double cream. Anyways, the recipe, if you’re interested, is here.

My recipe of the week though is this super easy, cheese-free spicy omelette. I’ve been attempting the 5:2 diet for the last couple of weeks and this is the perfect lunch on “fast” days. Again, it’s based on a Nigella recipe, but the recipe is more guideline than instruction.

Preheat your grill and grate a small piece of ginger and a clove of garlic, and finely slice some spring onions and a couple of small red chillis – de-seed them if you’re not into the heat. Fry it all, and a 1/4 teaspoonful of turmeric in the tiniest amount of oil in a non-stick, oven-ok frypan until the onions have softened. Add a teaspoon each of ground coriander and ground cumin and fry for another minute. Pour in 2 beaten eggs and swirl it around a tad to help it set.

Once it’s almost there, flash it under the grill to finish off and tip onto a plate to serve. I chopped up some coriander and mint to toss on the top and added a dollop of Greek yoghurt.

Healthy lunch in 10 minutes.

Ok, that was my week…how was yours?









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  1. Yum, your spicy omelette recipe sounds delicious! I am also greatly anticipating your About Roast Chicken series. Don’t try to lower my expectations…they are already high! 🙂
    And, how can the Jersey Boys NOT make you sing aloud. I love that show!!

    1. The omelette was so good – and another tick in the box for my 101 things list (omelette was #83). And a big lol re your roast chook expectations 🙂

  2. Hi Jo, great week and love the Brexit Text 🙂 I haven’t seen Jersey Boys but it has certainly been popular. Well done on the hills and as you commented on my post I hope you can hashtag #fitfabfeb2019 on your Instagram posts. I made a Christmas pudding in the slow cooker. Haven’t made one since helping Mum as a child make the ones in the calico cloth. Anyway it turned out perfectly and so perfect my daughter said ‘Mum, that needs a photo’. Have a great week and looking forward to reading what you got up to. xx

    1. I’ve never tried making anything other than curries and soups in the slow cooker. I really must remedy that.

  3. How’s the 5:2 going? I will have to try your omelette – it sounds delish! I’m currently reading another Jenny Colgan, isn’t she just adorable? Reading her books makes me wish I could a) move to Scotland and b) sit down and have a cuppa and then bake cakes together. (Side note: I am sure she is a cancerian like me!) I am excited about your Christmas book, I am putting together a post of Christmas themed reads this year, I shall have to add your title to the list!

    1. I’m only 2 weeks in. I’ve been skipping breakfast, having veggie soup for lunch & then holding out for meat & salad for dinner, but I’m experimenting a tad more this week. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight yet – and I’m not doing the whole making up for lost calories thing the next day…

    2. I just looked it up (so sad) & her birthdate is 14/9 – she’s a Virgo…with a Sadge Moon. No Cancer or Taurus anywhere. Very surprised… just saying…

      1. Oh well, I have virgo rising so maybe that’s why I feel like we’re astronomically aligned! LOL! And you?!

      2. Pisces Pisces & more Pisces! (Rising, Sun, Moon, Mercury). I do, however have Jupiter in Cancer which I think is where the whole food generosity thing comes from.

  4. You do seem very popular with the scammers Jo! So far I’ve missed the Clive texts 🙂 I also think of the Bay City Rollers when I hear that song!! Isn’t it funny how some songs just take you back to a moment in time? I agree with the others, your omelette sounds delish!

  5. Spicy omelette sounds yummy! Internet issues are always frustrating – I hated Telstra from years ago because of their appalling customer service and vowed never to go with them when I had a place of my own. I’ve stuck with that. Trip to Brissy for the theatre sounds lovely. Hope you have an awesome week ahead!

    1. I find it hilarious that the scammers expect you to believe that they’re really calling from Telstra lol. Hope your week has been great.

  6. We get a few of those calls but my poor Dad gets far too many so he leaves his phone on answer machine more. I am delighted for you about the HILL challenge. Do you know the road down to Balmoral Beach? They hold an annual Balmoral Burn there too. Not that I have been in it. I am getting more into cooking because 1. I am hungry 2. I can eat more. Just made me and B a simple spaghetti carbonara and it was yum.
    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek and the optional prompt for next time is: 4/51. What Is Hope? 28/1/19. Denyse

  7. Another full week Jo – I sometimes wonder if you have time to sleep! I laughed at your nuisance calls because we get them too – even though we’re on the Do Not Call Register – that doesn’t seem to stop them. Now I just hear the little pause before they start – or the background call centre noise and hang up before they even open their mouths – very satisfying!

    1. I sometimes pick the phone up & just leave them on the line. Once I spun this story about how wrong my computer was going…of course I was procrastiscamming them!

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