Sentence a day: July

July was kicked off to a good start with a girl’s weekend in Melbourne. As fabulous as the Queensland winter is, it’s also nice to feel the cold and wrap up in scarves and coats – and Melbourne does winter particularly well. I blogged it here.

July also brought whale watching, bushwalking, a marooned boat, a visit from my family, and a celebration for a new job. It was also a month of a huge amount of work – both in my corporate gig and my personal writing business – a return to belly dancing, and a continuation of my sunrise walks…there weren’t many weekday mornings that I missed!

So, without further ado, the sentence a day…or sometimes 2 sentences a day…oh, you know what I mean!

1. Chilly start to the day – oh, how I love this city.

2. Theatre, laughs, and way too much food – Book of Mormon was flipping hilarious and Gazi for dinner amazing.

3. Homeward bound – eventually…thanks to Jetstar delays.

4. I don’t want to go to work today. That’s all.

5. Business expenses prepared for tax – big tick for me.

6. The end of a productive, but frustrating work week.

7. Why has the weather been so good all week while I was working and then pisses down on the one day that I want to go to the Garden Expo? Lunch at The Nines in Maroochydore – they were serving a crumbed mac n cheese patty on a beef burger. I like mac n cheese, but this is a heart attack in a bread roll!

8. So many cushions, so little time.

9. There is such a thing as Knitfest, and it was happening this weekend in Maleny.

10. Lovely sunrise to start the day, and a walk to the rock wall to finish it.

11. Tried to walk from Mooloolaba to Minyama, but went under the bridge rather than over it – so ended up at Kawana Island instead.

12. Sunrise at Point Cartwright followed by a walk to Kawana Beach and brekky at One on Balsa at Minyama. The post is here.

13. Work, coffee at Mooloolaba, dinner at the Surf Club.

14. Whales, whales, whales – possibly the single most awesome thing Sarah and I have done together. I’m in absolute awe of these magnificent creatures and their epic migration. My brother and his family arrived today – yay!

15. Fabulous day for the beach – in the middle of winter!

16. Lots about books, meeting bloggy friends in real life, brekky at Monica’s and a picnic at Mary Cairncross Park.

17. A boat parked marooned on the beach, a possum in a tree, and an afternoon in the winter sun – the kids even swam!


18. Australia Zoo – 29C, felt like 32C…crocs and crikey. (And yes, the crocs were in a different part to the other animals)…

19. Eumundi Markets for breakfast and a farewell to the Lyons Den – it’s been a great visit.

brekky at the markets

20. Grant starts back at work – yee ha!

21. Mooloolaba Beach – the best office in the world.

22. Market time and fish and chips by the beach.

23. Grant to Sydney for the week and me finalising my presentation for Romance Australia Conference.

24. RWA presentation done & sent!

25. So unproductive today – had to give myself a good talking too. Good roast salmon, though.

26. Bellydancing – after 10 years and 15 kgs it’s still good to be back shimmying – note to self: wear a better bra next week. Oh, and Sarah and I treated ourselves to Via Italia’s $12 pizza night.

27. Full day in the partition office – nothing more to say about that.

28. Brekky at Shak in Buderim with Sares followed by a renouncing of our NSW citizenship – yes, I’ve now got a Queensland driver’s licence. The guy behind the counter told me I had to learn to speak more slowly now I was a Queenslander (don’t throw anything at me – he said it).  Buderim forest walk and waterfall – a little piece of serenity in suburbia.

29. Jetstar/ Crapstar flight delayed – will be good to have Grant home after a week in Sydney.

30. Lunch at Sum Yung Guys at Sunshine Beach to celebrate Grant’s new job and a visit from an old friend this afternoon.

31. My head hurts after a mad bad day in partition world but light (finally) at the end of that particular tunnel.

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  1. I really liked your scenery and food pictures, Jo, and the whales, WOW! It’s nice that your winter is mild, just to experience a different season without suffering from freezing cold weather, sleet, and snow.

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  3. I love reading your posts. So enjoy learning the Aussie shorthand for breakfast and other things. My daughters and I always had a kind of family language all our own, which my PC made mad fun of when he first met me but now speaks fluently. Cultural differences are so interesting!!

    And your food pics. My bowl of cereal for brekky just doesn’t compare.

    Where do you take belly dancing lessons? Is there a studio or similar? Chuckled at the better bra comment. Enjoyed the blog post linked.

    Great month of sentences, despite the time in partition world. You tickle me!

    1. I am a shocker for Aussie slang…there’s another: shocker. We tend to shorten most things – including names & more often than not tell you what we’re not e.g. ‘how are you?’ ‘not bad.’ Oh, and yes, there’s a little dance studio I go to near my home. Very convenient.

  4. I love this idea and might join up if it’s on again in August, as I think I can remember what I’ve been up to for the last few days but it will need to be something I do every day. I no longer keep a diary so the sentence a day thing sounds like fun!

    Mind you, your life is far more exciting than mine!

    1. Lol re the more fun thing – I think I just exhaust myself more. This is the only journalling I do these days (aside from if I’m travelling, of course) & it’s really doable. I have my double page of what’s on that week, and my sentence a day. It helps me with my wrap posts & I don’t lose track of what’s happened without having to labour too long on the past.

  5. You seem to have a very mild winter… We have a very cold summer so I guess we have the same kind of weather and temperatures… 🙂 !!

    You said something about “celebration for a new job” – is it for you or your hubby maybe? Hope everything works out well for both of you when it comes to jobs!

    Love your “Sentence a day” and all your pics 🙂 !!

    1. we do have a mild winter – it’s been mostly in the low 20s celsius. When we moved I kept my Sydney job – just cut back a day, but hubby had retired. He’s now gone back to work, so all is as it should be. Thanks, as always, for dropping by.

      1. Congratulations to your hubby for his new job – if that’s what he wants! If he felt that he was to young to retire then it’s great he’s back to work again – and then, maybe you can concentrate more on your writing…!?! So happy for you 🙂 !!

  6. I can’t believe that I missed the knit fest!! What a fun way to get with like minded knitters!! Do you knit too, Jo?
    Your top photo is just stunning!! I need to get my photography skills going….

    1. Thanks for the feedback on my photos – it’s something I do love. Re knitting? Nope, not anymore…I used to, but not for about 25 years!

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