Shimmy Shimmy

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t me…

It’s been a pretty mad time – work and deadlines wise. My presentation for the session I’m doing at Romance Writer’s Conference next month was due on Monday (tick), and I’m working hard to fill in the gaps to get I Want You Back off for structural editing next week (on track). Behind it all, work in my day job has been pretty full-on too. Whatever – that’s life.

In the meantime, I’ve been to my first belly dancing class in almost 10 years. I’ve been meaning to go back since I stopped doing it – but there was always an excuse. The friend I was doing it with moved, I’d put on weight, I wrecked my shoulder, I was travelling that term, I’d put on more weight, I wrecked my back, I was travelling, I put on weight, I wrecked my ankle, I put on weight. Yep, there’s a theme.

Yet when we were packing to move something stopped me from putting my bag of coin belts into the bin. ‘I could go back,’ I said.

‘Is this like Dad’s career break from soccer that’s really not a career break?’ my daughter asked.

‘No, seriously,’ I said, ‘I could go back.’

It wasn’t until I decided that I was going to send the heroine of my current novel to belly dancing classes though, that I decided the time had come for me to do the same. So I did.

It was really like going to my first belly dancing class ever. Aside from being 10 years older, I’m also 15 kilos heavier – most of which is around my belly.

I was worried that I’d feel like the oldest and the fattest in the room – and I definitely was the fattest – but everything was so comfortable that I very soon forgot all about that.

Some things came back to me quickly – hip drops, hip rolls and those ones that look like you’re drawing a great big M with your hips. The hip shimmy also was something I remembered, although these days when I do a shoulder shimmy it feels a little like my boobs are moving as one back and forth across my chest. Note to self: must wear a better bra next week. As for the shimmy walk? Not a chance. It took me a few classes to get it right all those years ago, and I suspect it will again.

It’s confronting facing a full length mirror – especially at my size – but it’s times like these that I’m grateful that I’m short-sighted. Seriously though, once I started, all thought of age and weight disappeared. It didn’t matter – not in the studio – that was a safe place. All that mattered was feeling the beat again – and that was fabulous.

What about you – have you tried a dance class lately?

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  1. Oh I’m glad you clarified that the photo was not you Jo because I totally thought it was! I have never done a belly dancing class. I just can’t imagine that I could do those moves! It would feel so good to do I imagine though. If a character in your book is taking belly dancing classes than you so do need to do the same so you can write more authentically with knowledge from the inner circle me thinks! You sure do sound busy – but gee you achieve some stuff. Good on you! #TeamLovinLife

    1. Lol re photo comment. I work best when there’s heaps on – where there’s not I’m seriously lazy!

  2. No I haven’t, but I did try Zumba a few years ago and felt so self-conscious and uncoordinated that I never went back. I think belly dancing would be wonderful (except for all the bits that bounce and jiggle around). Like you, I’m a little fatter than I was 10 years ago. #TeamLovinLife

    1. I’m so uncoordinated, but weirdly it’s such a comfortable environment that self consciousness doesn’t really concern me. The jiggling, however, does.

  3. Belly dancing is so far out of my comfort zone so I will live vicariously through you.

    SSG xxx

  4. It sounds great and I love that the movements came back to you and were familiar! I wonder if classes would be a tax writeoff if you’re using them for book research?

    I’ve only done bellydancing a couple of times and enjoyed it. I actually had an Arabian nights (kinda) theme for my 40th and had a belly dancer come to give us a lesson! It was fun. Although there were no mirrors and the alcohol probably helped.

  5. I’m the same as Kathy – I gave Zumba a go (three or four classes) and I realized I just don’t have rythmn in my soul – I love music and dancing when nobody is watching, but co-ordinated moves to music – just beyond my ability I’m afraid 😦

    1. I’m that dag who never danced as a kid, but put bad pop music on – or in fact any music – & I’ll embarrass myself with my bad moves in public.

  6. Fantastic, Jo, for returning to belly dancing. Keep on dancing! I’m joining in the Love Life link and in the process of reading other blogs and leaving a comment. I’m wondering if you have a script for people on Blogger or the above link is all there is.

    1. Hi Natalie, the link in the post is all there is. It was nice to see you joining us this week – always fabulous to see new linkers…& even more fabulous to see a Canadian linker (is linker the right terminology?)

  7. Hi Jo I would love to do belly dancing and maybe when I turn 60 next month that will be added to the bucket list. Such a fun way to keep fit!

  8. Oh, my. I don’t think the moves will ever come back to me! And standing before a full length mirror trying to remember them would send me into some kind of fit, I am sure. But so proud of YOU!!

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