June – in a sentence a day…

Another day, another linky. This one is sentence a day – and thanks to my new can’t live without journal thingy, it was a breeze to put together.

1.This is what winter looks like – all blue and sparkly.

2. Maleny Show – man, how I love a country agricultural show.


3. Markets, Mexican for lunch and a banh xeo fail – I blame the rice flour.

4. Spirit House cooking class – just fantabulous.


5. Potato, leek and chickpea soup made with homemade chicken stock – even if it doesn’t feel like winter.

6. Netflix bingeing on Shetland and wanting to go – NOW.

7. Dolphins at sunset – a surprisingly perfect end to a shitty day.

8. Purple sunset, raspberry gelato, words written in the sunshine.

9. Work-based meltdown, a brush with bureaucracy, sunshine at Point Cartwright, and a Friday night restaurant crawl in Brisbane.

10. Cloudy days and windswept beaches – a perfect Saturday.

11. Finally booked flights to Melbourne and tickets for Romance Writer’s Conference in Brisbane – admin smashed!

12. Queen’s Birthday so no partition work – words written by the beach.

13. Rain, rain, rain…

14, Haircut cancelled due to work commitments in Sydney – my dreadlocks are not happy. Did that come out loud> Oh no, that’s more than one sentence!

15. Another gorgeous sunset after another yucky work day.

16. Public holiday for half the coast for Nambour Show Day – an excuse for every cafe on the Esplanade to slap on a 15% surcharge.

17. Waiter – there’s a frog in my endive…or is it a cane toad?

18. Sunday drive – Glasshouse Mountains, beer at the Landy.

19. Sarah’s last exam for this semester – fingers crossed.

20. High tide at sunset means fabulous seas to go with the fabulous colour.

21. Solstice- celebrated with a barbecue by the beach: sausages, beer, and bread rolls…yeah baby!

22. Sarah off to Sydney – miss her already.

23. Sum Yung Guys – outstanding new restaurant at Sunshine Beach

24. Winter in Queensland is just sparkling.

25. Sunday vibes at the Loo With A View.

26. 25C in the middle of winter – it is winter, isn’t it?

27. What a day – whoever said recruiting is fun was lying!

28. The bed we ordered in March finally turned up – 2 beds dismantled, 2 put back together, furniture shuffled and no fights. #winning

29. Melbourne tomorrow – can’t wait!

30. Melbourne – oh, how I love this city.

Check out the link below for more sentence a day hijinks.


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  1. loving your photos of the Coast and so pleased you are in the link up. I don’t have Netflix so not sure what Shetland is but I don’t mind a TV binge occasionally either. I still have the Spirit House on the list for my Saturday Sisters and I to do. Have a great July and I wonder what you will get up to?

  2. Before I forget to say it, I love the word hijinks. Which my computer says I am misspelling. Oh, well. Must find out how to spell it and then use it!!

    Your photography captures the beauty around you. I especially love #15 and #20. Powerful.

    I understand but can’t say personally, that frog tastes like chicken. Did you eat him or was he a toad? Tee hee!!

    When you write that recruiting isn’t easy, what kind of recruiting are you referring to? Not that any recruiting is easy…and not that I have any idea about recruiting anyone for anything. But just interested.

    Day #28 would be a minor miracle at our house. I really detest assembling anything but nachos and sandwiches.

    Thank you for joining us. So enjoying the view from your life.

  3. Great to read about your month! I can relate to the sparkly beach shots now that I’ve been up that way during winter, which isn’t really winter by the way!! Lovely pics! Glad I’ve joined in with this one.

  4. I’m late getting to this one! I hope Sarah’s exams were okay and she was happy with them all. That soup sounds yummy. My mum makes a potato soup but I like the idea of the chickpeas for a bit of protein!

    And I hope things improve on the work front for July!

    1. The chickpeas are great – you should try it – turns a lunch soup into a dinner one. Sarah’s results ended up being the best she’s ever done. Very chuffed – but she worked so hard, & deserves it.

  5. Love your beach pictures. Glad you joined our link up. Hope your work situation improves to your liking. I just got back from Costa Rica and am catching up. I just posted 10 pics from my trip today.

  6. Oh those beach photos! Now that’s how to Winter!

    What a beautiful, exciting place to live….can get more exciting than a frog in your food.

    Looking forward to your July!

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