It’s a Wrap…

Another week where the schedule I’d set for myself fell to pieces – as did I (briefly) on Friday. I have no idea whether it was that the week went so far away from what I’d planned, whether it was because the hours that I’d set aside to work on my astro ebook and my novel went out the window due to some competing priorities from south of the border, or perhaps it was the asthma that is still hanging around as a result of last week’s head cold, or just that it was one of those moments, but I had one of those moments. And, as is often the case with those moments, the trigger point, was, in the bigger scheme of things, minor indeed.

Anyways, a walk around the Headland and up to the lighthouse at Pt Cartwright very quickly did the trick and restored balance. If you want to know a bit more about Pt Cartwright, I blogged it over on the Sunny Coast site. You’ll find the link here. I think this could very well be my new go to place when my head needs blowing clean.

Ok, let’s wrap this week up…

Where I cooked…

At my favourite restaurant on the coast – Spirit House at Yandina. I’ve written lots about this place – most recently here, but up until last Sunday had never done one of their always booked out cooking classes. As part of the whole turning 50 thing, Hubby gave me a couple of vouchers for he and I to do the Essential Thai class. We had a fabulous time preparing – and eating – 5 very tasty dishes. We were so full by the end of it.

I’ll blog the class and what we prepared later in the week, but here’s a taster:

Where we lunched…

La Canteena, a Mexican bar in the Ocean St strip of Maroochydore. Miss 19 had previously eaten here with some Uni friends, and wanted to share it with us – and are we glad she did. Cheap, casual, with a great vibe, it would be even better with a group of people or on a summer evening rather than a sunny afternoon in what passes for a Queensland winter.

We had the pork belly tacos, the burnt brussels sprouts with siracha mayo and bacon, and some spicy chicken wings that needed a tad more spice. And Coronas…there were Coronas. I resisted the urge to sample the chilli tequila – firstly because everyone knows tequila doesn’t end well, and secondly because it was a Saturday afternoon.

What I binge watched…

Season 3 of Shetland. I’d already watched it, but hubby hadn’t. I picked up things I hadn’t picked up on last time – like the word sooth moothers being the Shetland word for Outsiders. It basically means someone who arrived on the ferry through the south mouth of the Bressay Sound. Oh, and peerie smoorikin is a little kiss.

What made me happy…

Wednesday wasn’t a great day work wise, yet coffee with a friend, a pod of dolphins playing just off the beach and a magical sunset with all possible pastel shades of pink and lilac was a perfect ending to a crappy day.

Also on the nature front…

It was a thrill to watch an eagle taking a bath in the shallows of the Mooloolah River yesterday. Sadly no pics…

What Adventure Spaniel is up to…

Eating raspberry gelato. Don’t worry, she only gets the bottom end of the cone – and only once a week… Besides, who can resist that face?

What I’m listening to…

The return of Ben Groundwater’s travel podcast Flights of Fancy. This week it was all about holiday romances and hook-ups.

Where we had date night…

Miss 19 had a thing to go to in Brisbane so hubby and I drove her down and turned it into date night. She was in Southbank & we couldn’t be faffed going any place else so we had starters and a cocktail at Cactus Republic – some very ordinary chorizo meatballs and some seriously moreish spring rolls filled with cream cheese and jalapeños. Then we walked it off before having another couple of starters – jalapeño poppers and some extremely good snapper tacos – at Mucho Mexicana…and shared a banana and nutella quesadilla that I could have done without.

We finished our evening with another walk along the river…

How was your week?





8 comments on “It’s a Wrap…”
  1. Deborah says:

    Apparently Eat Street markets are still a thing on Fri & Sat nights, though they’ve moved a little and have gone more upmarket / less industrial…. so says my hairdresser who is a regular when she goes to Brisbane. They might be a good option for next time.

    Sorry you had a mixed week. Wed and Fri sound like they were bad days and I could kinda relate as I had a couple of bad days too. (You know the kind when you fantasise about quitting work there and then. And then remember you have a mortgage and no other source of income.) It felt a little insurmountable at times. Interestingly at one point I thought that I must just drive to the coast and meet you sometime as I think that’s ‘ground’ me a little if that makes sense. It feels like we’re different but similar. (Which I know does not make sense!)

    Am looking forward to the Spirit House post. I’m not sure how I’d go with a cooking course given the coeliac thing… not to mention the fact there are all sorts of things I don’t eat. (Like veges. And seafood.)

  2. Jo says:

    Yep, you pretty well nailed it in your description… I too see our similarities…so it makes a lot of sense. You’re welcome any time. What I was really please with in the Spirit House class was that they purchase oyster, fish and soy sauce that’s guaranteed gluten free. We bought some too & the taste was amazing – even though it is more expensive than the regular stuff.

  3. Despite the “falling to pieces” it still looks like a magnificent week. Love the photos.
    I’m constantly falling to pieces at the moment with lack of energy and lack of output, but I’ve made a decision to get back on the horse this week and start galloping again! Onward and upwards!

    1. Jo says:

      It’s the lack of output that’s getting to me – & some other stuff that’s happening behind the scenes. Routine & early morning walking is providing the necessary grounding.

  4. sizzlesue15 says:

    I’ve heard of Spirit House and must get my Saturday Sisters running group to maybe have a day there for a cooking class. Loved the photos of Pt Cartwright weather looks gorgeous not like today which is wet and windy on the GC.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  5. Jo says:

    I suspect we’ll be getting that rain tomorrow 😦

  6. Yes it is indeed a time of unease and many unknowns here too. Sigh. I have found some respite from the cancer worry with some art and reading and it’s good to get back to going to look at nature. I am glad you found some things to help you revive…Life. Tricky at time. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 24/52. Next week: First Concert.

    1. Jo says:

      Art, reading & nature…the best way to find respite from the uncontrollable…x

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