Spirit House…again…

The spirit house at Spirit House…

I’ve often said that if I was to ever get married again (obviously to Mr T…) I’d want to do it here- at Spirit House. It’s possibly my favourite place to eat. Sure, I’ve been to posher restaurants with more complex menus, better service and longer wine lists to negotiate. I’ve even eaten better food…well…maybe… So why here? I think it’s the vibe- a combination of good food, colour, light, ambience, tropics, birds, nature, water dragons. It’s why a trip to the Sunshine Coast is not complete without a meal at Spirit House.

The adventure- and your meal is an adventure- starts at the gate…


and continues as you walk up the path, past the cooking school,


and towards the restaurant.


The restaurant itself is set on and around water- one main pavilion,


with two separate wings running from this, forming a u-shape around the dam.


Nature is everywhere, and reminders of it are even in the menu.


As for the food?

We learnt from last time and, following a plate of pork scratchings and satay sauce (just to nibble on while we contemplated the menu)..


we shared a couple of appetisers, and a couple of main meals between the three of us. First up was a silky smooth and luscious coconut soup poured over salmon with lemongrass,


followed by pipis in a sauce made from chilli jam, lemongrass, chilli. They were fresh, light, and incredibly more-ish.


The first of our mains was my choice of the dish of the day: ocean trout in a choo-chee sauce with charred leeks and crunchy fish clouds.


We couldn’t go past the whole crispy fish with tamarind chilli sauce…we never can. Nor, it would seem, do many people- this is the most popular dish on the menu…and one of the only constants. Today the fish was barramundi- and it was as perfectly yummy as it always is.


If the front looks scary, turn it around…


To accompany it all, we chose a side of chinese broccoli with yellow bean sauce and fermented chilli.


As per usual, we left no room for dessert- although Miss T did manage a ginger and macadamia ice-cream at The Ginger Factory around the corner.


Spirit House is in Yandina- up the Bruce Highway towards Noosa. Take the Yandina turn-off. It gets very busy- even mid-week during the winter- so you’ll need to book. The link is here.


Classes in the cooking school also fill up fast- and need to be booked at much the same time as you book your sunshine coast accommodation!


This isn’t a cheap eat- it’s a treat. You can check the menu out here– and yes, there are gluten-free options.

What else?

When you’re done eating, just around the corner is The Ginger Factory and Nut House- selling (respectively) ginger products and macadamias. I buy their macadamia paste (literally) by the bucket.


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  1. Yay for gluten-free options, I was wondering about that (and am simultaneously checking out the menu).

    While the barramundi creeps me out it all still looks yummy. I tend to like Chinese more than Thai (though Thai usually involves less veges) but would also love to do a cooking class in one or the other one day!

    1. They do have gluten free options, Deb 🙂 I tend to prefer the spices in Thai- especially all the herbs in the salads & stir fries…but love a good Chinese meal as well.

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