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So anyways, I took myself off to Manly today. In the rain. I stood out on the deck of the ferry – in the rain; and walked around – in the rain. It was fabulous – albeit wet.

We see Sydney and the Harbour so often when it’s blue and glistening, that every so often it’s good to add a few extra layers of mood and texture. Like in these clouds. There’s something about water and storm fronts that clear the mind of clutter.

Cool, hey? And check out the colours that came out in the rain as we chugged out of Circular Quay.


So, what else did the week offer? Without further chat about the weather, let’s wrap it up.

What I cooked…

img_2431Kali, Adventure Spaniel, and I have settled into a little routine for the two of us – although we are absolutely missing the rest of the family. I’ve been trying to cook at least a few times a week – with the leftovers carrying me through. This week I made (from scratch) a sweet corn and chicken soup, and chicken Kra Pow. My daughter (when I sent through the photo) said the soup looked like vomit. Trust me, it absolutely didn’t taste like it.

All are quick to put together (if you have the ingredients in the house  – which I planned ahead and did) when you get in as late as I do from work, and are relatively healthy. I’ll pop a recipe or two up over the next couple of days…maybe.

Where I partied…

snapchat filter silliness
snapchat filter silliness

Ettamogah Pub at Kellyville Ridge. Yet another goodbye – this time with the old crew from my previous job – it was another big night. Boy, I’m getting too old for this. I can’t remember the last time I was last man – so to speak – standing. Let’s just say it was way past my bedtime.

What I’m listening to…

Ben Groundwater, my absolute favourite travel writer, has a podcast that I keep forgetting to tell you about – Flights of Fancy. It’s relatively short – just 30 minutes or so – but fascinating. One of the first episodes was about travel scams, and this weeks was where in the world is the best food. Apparently the consensus is Japan or Spain – neither of which I’ve visited – but I’d absolutely cast a vote for Taiwan, Penang and Singapore…not forgetting Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Anyways, you can pick it up on iTunes and, like all great podcasts – it’s free.

What I instamarked

The usual mix of travel inspo, ocean inspo, Sunshine Coast inspo, and a little design inspo this week.

What I’m writing…

Lots of words in I Want You Back…yes, finally it’s coming together… I usually write first person in my novels, but this is third person and it’s proving to be a challenge that I’m enjoying.

What I’m looking forward to…

A long weekend on the Sunshine Coast next week to see my family…oh, and to turn 50…yep, 50…

What about you? How was your week?


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  1. I think the soup looks great. And I’m unwell so if you could send it my way! 🙂

    I’m also a little envious of those clouds and that weather. We’ve been promised rain but other than a few brief showers it’s yet to appear.

    I’m glad the writing is going well and am sure you’ll have a wonderful visit next weekend and great birthday!

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