So anyways, I’m in Melbourne with Miss 17. We’ve drifted in and out of half plans for the last couple of days, but ended up over in Balaclava yesterday morning. It’s a suburb that sort of runs into St Kilda from one… Read More

A blog about a carpark? Really? Well, sort of. This isn’t just any carpark. This is a carpark in Fitzroy…across the road from Rose St Market. That means that this is a blog about street art in a carpark…and a market. Got it?… Read More

So anyways, I’ve written a few times about my love for street art. I love it’s transitory nature, I love how it adds colour to the urban landscape. I’ve written more about how well I think Melbourne does it. Somehow it feels… Read More

One of my colleagues in the partition job was recently disappointed out of a trip to Melbourne. Before I left on Thursday afternoon, I attempted to console her. ‘Don’t be envious,’ I said. ‘I won’t be doing any shopping- well hardly any… Read More

So anyways, I’ve been glamping this weekend. Each August Bank Holiday my little family of three joins with my brother’s not so little family of five in a weekend away at my Uncle’s property just out of Eucumbene in the Snowy Mountains…. Read More

So anyways, I entrusted my beloved Nikon DSLR to Miss 16. I had to- two weeks in Hong Kong and China…she needed to take pics she’d remember forever. Besides, she’s never so much as lost a school hat. That meant that I… Read More

The post it sticker in my friend’s Age Good Food Guide is straight forward: Everyone in Melbourne knows about this place. Must try. Be prepared to wait. Thank goodness they have a great bar too. We weren’t here because of the note,… Read More

Confession time. One of my besties has recently moved to Melbourne for a year and, while I’m excited about the adventure they’re on, I’m also a tad…deep breath…envious. There. I said it. Melbourne for a whole year. The possibilities… On the extremely… Read More

Some things are serendipitous. You know, Meant To Be…with intentional capitals. Some things are also synergetic- where the sum of the parts combines to make something greater than the whole…that’s a location joke (you must have had to be there…) but it… Read More

Yeah, I know it’s just glorified street art, and I know heaps of locals are sooooo over it, but I love it. It adds colour, expression, vibrancy and an urban edgy energy to what would otherwise be drab alleys. The thing is,… Read More