Hervey Bay

Sarah is just a week or so away from finishing her degree – she’s been doing occupational therapy and I can’t believe how the last four years have flown by. It also means that she’ll be flying the coop – she’s secured a job up in Hervey Bay and will be heading up there in early January to work and live. While I’m over the moon proud for her, we’re going to miss her dreadfully.

Located about 200kms north of where we are on the Sunshine Coast (we’re right at the bottom of the map on the left), Hervey Bay is primarily known for two things: humpback whales and Fraser Island.

Humpback whales shelter in the bay before heading back south to the Antarctic – it’s a bit like a stopover for pregnant whales, r&r for the adults, and a mother’s group of sorts for new mums. As for Fraser Island, well, I told you about that fabulous destination a couple of years ago. You can find the post here.

While we’ll no doubt be up and down from Hervey Bay a lot over the next few months, here are some images from a sunny Saturday on the Bay.

Lychee ice cream outside Maryborough

Urangan Markets

From 7am to 1pm every Wednesday and Saturday at Urangan Pier these markets are part farmer’s market, part arts and crafts, part foodie stalls. The highlight for us was the band of singers performing early 60s classics in Hawaiian shirts.

Urangan Pier

The pier reaches out over 800m, but it used to be over 1km long.

It was originally built to facilitate the export of sugar, timber and coal and linked up with the railway line that used to run through here. At one point it was a major port, but once Bundaberg Port was built it took over the sugar exports.

When the railway closed there was no longer a use for the port – or the pier – and an order to demolish was made. The public, however, rallied and the pier was not only saved, but restored – not before some of it had been torn down.

It’s now a great place to stroll and fish and from the end of the pier you can (apparently) see plenty of marine life – although when we were there it was full of people with fishing rods.

Enzo’s on the Beach

With great food and views like this Enzo’s was the perfect place to stop for lunch.

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  1. How exciting for Sara. I see lots of Hervey Bay weekends in your future and I don’t feel sorry for you one bit! It looks fabulous! I’ve been to Fraser Island but don’t think I’ve been to the bay, maybe one day if Anna ever opens the borders!

    1. We’d only ever called in once – on our way back from Bundaberg one time. I’m looking forward to exploring it a bit more.

  2. Congratulations to Sarah! This is very exciting (and sad for Mom & Dad).
    Super cool about the Humpback whales. I just saw a few of them this past week – including a breaching whale.
    I look forward to following your Hervey Bay posts.

    1. It’s very sad for Mum & Dad but she’s ready & we’re proud of her and excited for her. And she’ll only be a couple of hours away.

  3. I actually just commented in my response to Deb’s post (she asked about our favourite place) and I said mine was Urangan Pier. I remember when it was double the length and ships docked there. My grandparents lived very close so I used to walk there a lot. And when it was longer (and a T shape) there were stairs at the end each side I remember swimming off them.

    It’s nicest in high tide at sunrise or sunset…. sigh….

    1. It must have been a real sight to see back in those days. I just loved how clear the water was & couldn’t get over how many people were fishing.

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