October – All Wrapped Up

So that was October. It was the usual juggling of day job with writing with life, but other than that was as close to routine as I tend to get. Although we officially still have another day left of it, here’s the round-up of the month that was.


None, not even to Sydney for the day job, and, surprisingly for me, I’m grateful for that! I’m hoping that November will also be a stay at home month as every single weekend until we leave for the UK in December is now spoken for.


My 5 most “liked” posts for the month were:

Excess Baggage

With no travel, I’ve been able to stick to my mid-week routines and am 3.5 kgs lighter at the end of the October than I was at the start of it. That makes a total of just on 8kgs so far.

What am I doing? Nothing terribly revolutionary, and if you follow my Instagram you’ll know I still enjoy Saturday evening and Sunday lunches. I am, however:

  • Not drinking alcohol between Monday – Thursday
  • I keep it simple and have the same breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack most weekdays
  • I’m not eating starchy carbs in my weekday evening meals
  • I’m keeping an eye on portion sizes
  • I’m walking a lot – most workdays I’m doing 15000 steps and averaging between 90,000 and 100,000 steps a week. That’s a 5km walk before and after work. I am, however, giving myself one day off each week to faff about. That old injury in my ankle is causing me some curry but that’s another story entirely.

It seems to be working and while I have a pre-holiday goal in mind, all bets will be off while we’re in the UK!

To be brutally honest, I’m actually not feeling much different and can’t see where the 8kgs has gone from. My clothes at this time of the year are mostly loose dresses so weren’t feeling tight anyway.

I’m not sleeping any better, but according to my Fitbit, my resting heartbeat has gone down substantially and my tummy is a lot better – both good outcomes. Perhaps I don’t look as puffy in the face? I think I mentioned once before that I’m really not as in touch with my body as I should be…


October is a mini birthday season in our family with my husband, my nephew and my father all having birthdays – it’s a good thing I love Scorpios!

Because Sarah had a wedding to attend on Grant’s birthday we celebrated with breakfast in the park on the day of his birthday, and lunch by the water on the day after.


I’ve been completing the structural rewrite of Careful What You Wish For. It will go off to the editor for copy edit in December.

I was going to release I Want You Back before I go away but I haven’t got my head around the marketing and other work required to give it its best start in life. To that end, next year will be a busy one with 3 books ready in the first half of the year – all going well.

For now, though, here’s a sneaky peek of the cover…


I read 8 books during October. The stand-outs were:

This one by Kitty Flanigan was laugh out loud, nod along with it, funny.

As an aside, the novel I’ll be aiming to finish writing in November at one point had the working title of Alice Delaney’s Rules For Life…let’s just say I’ve now changed that.

(As an aside, if you want to keep up with what I’m reading, I tend to post my current read on my author Instagram @thehungryauthor)


Great Australian Bake-off, aka the nicest show on television, is back on and I’m very happy about that.

New to the ABC I’m really enjoying the Aussie political drama Total Control, and have begun watching Frayed. Set in Newcastle in 1989, it’s my soundtrack. Also on ABCTV I was happy to see the return this month of Grantchester and The Good Karma Hospital.

Finally, I was weirdly addicted to The Masked Singer and chuffed that I picked a few of the celebrities behind the mask.


I’m a bit late to the party, but working my way through the backlist of David Tennant Does A Podcast. Some have been fabulous and a couple so-so.

I’m also catching up on an old fave with Richard Fidler’s Conversations. I’ve particularly enjoyed the episodes dealing with the Royal Commission into banking – from both the initial exposure and the political manoeuvring to arrive at the Royal Commission, and the hearings itself. There was also a great episode on the politics behind the last Liberal party spill and how a group of about 10 people managed to get Scott Morrison into the top job. And no, I’m expressing no political opinions here…

Okay, that was my month…how was yours?

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  1. I want to read the Kitty Fklanagan book! Looks funny. Good for you on the wieght and the book!! Well done. I really love your palm tree photo! Good sum up #Lovinglifelinky

  2. What? Now food photos??! You know that I live for those, right?
    Congratulations on another successful month on your Excessive Baggage program. I love a healthy, common-sense approach to diet, like the one you are using.
    But please, please — include food photos next time! 😀

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry about the lack of food photos! Lol. See, this is what not drinking does to me during the week – my brain doesn’t work as well as it should & I forget the importan things…

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a very good October, Jo. Congrats on the weight loss and keep up your good work with your sensible approach. I just read The Endless Beach by J Colgan. I liked it less than Little Beach Street Bakery. Now I’m going to check my library for the standouts that you mentioned above. #lovinlifelinky

  4. 8 kgs! Woot woot! Well done! Sounds like a great month to me and I think it’s good to have a month with no travel so you can get a bit of a run with regular healthy routines and stuff. Good selection of books you’ve read – I’d like to read all of those! Here’s to a fabulous November *touch wood*!! #TeamLovinLife

  5. Good on you with your health goals! I’ve fallen off the wagon since my holidays. Alcohol might be playing a part too but there are other issues underlying it as well. I really need to get hold of your books and read one! My pile of TBR keeps growing! Also, I’ve just started listening to David Tennant’s podcast. Loved the ones with Olivia Coleman and Jodie Whittaker.

    1. There’s always (unfortunately) something underlying isn’t there? The Olivia and Jodie episodes were my faves, so, surprisingly, was the Gordon Brown one.

  6. I stayed at home in October and I am not sad about it, not one bit! Congrats on losing some excess baggage, I think I should take a leaf out of your book because my number on the scales keeps going up not down! I guess I see a lot more walks in Teddy Roosevelt’s future. So exciting with your holiday coming up and then all the book action in the new year. Bring it!

  7. Hi Jo – Kitty Flanagan is everywhere! And now of course I’m going to have to read it (esp after Deb shared the couple of rules about blogging that were spot on!) Glad you’ve had a bit of a lull in the to and fro travelling and that the UK trip is looming on the horizon. Well done on the 8kg weight loss. Mine’s hovering around 6kgs so far – harder for me because I have no alcohol to give up or super rich foods to not eat – so it’s down to portion control and less calories in with more calories out….slowly, slowly. Congrats on all the books that are coming out – you’re almost as prolific as Nora Roberts!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  8. I enjoy seeing your photos on Instagram, Joanne. 15,000 steps is amazing! You have been consistently going in the right direction. Inspirational!

  9. Wow, you are firing on all cylinders Jo! Weight loss, books, walking, podcasts – we really are on the same wave length as all the shows you mentioned apart from Great Aust Bakeoff are on my list too. When I was in UK in September I started watching The Great British Bakeoff, and had never seen it before but really enjoyed it, unfortunately I left before it finished so I’ve no idea who won. I always love seeing your photos and I hope you’ll keep them up while in UK. We can try to see where each other is from our Insta pics!! 🙂 .Sharing for #mlstl

    1. There was apparently so much controversy with Bake-off this year – I can’t wait till we get it. Yes, we can follow each other’s travels via Instagram!

  10. Jo, your ‘diet’ sounds a bit like my husbands – “eat less, move more.” It really is that simple isn’t it? The hard part is convincing our minds to get with the program! love your month in pictures.

    1. Yep, it’s that pesky mindset that’s the problem. I was going to call it the Foodwriter’s “Diet” then I thought the “double and a Half “Diet”” as in you eat less and move more, but then I though, yeah just do it already.

  11. Wow – I can see why those photos had so many ‘likes’ – what a beautiful corner of the world you live in! Well done on the healthy eating regime – portion size control is one of the greatest ways to get good results and I’m pleased to hear that you aren’t denying yourself some well deserved weekend wine!

  12. Gosh, those photos. That warm, radiant sun just catches my eye from photo to photo. I like the idea of sharing your most popular photos from Instagram. Was keen on Instagram for awhile but all of the social media stuff is exhausting me lately. Need to get back to sharing photos just for myself.

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