That’s a Wrap: February 24, 2019

Okay, I’m in one of those moods today. To be honest, I think I’ve been leading into being in one of “those” moods for the past three weeks and the day has arrived where I’ve decided to indulge my bad mood for a few hours – I don’t really have the focus required to keep it going for much longer than that. Anyways it really is just the day job that’s causing me more than the usual amount of overwhelm at present and given that there’s very little I’m prepared to do about that at present, I need instead to change my attitude. Besides, I’m taking a week off in 2 weeks time, so really, when you think about it, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

In any case, that’s all rather boring so let’s unpack the week instead.

What I worried about…

Sarah has been in Queenstown, NZ for the week with a friend. Although she’s travelled plenty with us, this was her first solo overseas holiday so naturally, I worried about her. She is, however, back safe and sound having had a fabulous time.

While she was over there she did, however, do this.

It’s a Canyon Swing and in the pic above she’s the one who’s hair is flying up in the air. In the pic to the right is the two of them being catapulted across the canyon. Yeah, nah…not for me.

Cyclone Watch…

Cyclone Oma has been lurking off the South Queensland coast for most of the week. At first, it was just stoking up some pretty interesting looking waves. By Wednesday, however, they (being the weather gurus) were forecasting it to cross the Queensland coast somewhere between here on the Sunshine Coast and a couple of hours up the road on the Fraser Coast.

It would bring with it, they said, huge dumps of rain, lots of wind, and plenty of damaging surf.

Oma, however, didn’t do what it was supposed to do and turned around again. So, cyclone watch cancelled, but still some massive surf and the biggest tides I’ve seen on the coast.

My Instagram feed has been full of wave photos (#soznotsoz) but the 3 pics below are my faves. I took these on Friday morning and got smashed by this wave. Fully soaked from head to toe. It was pretty funny but like the true professional I am, I kept on clicking the shutter.

What I want to join…

The wibbly wobbly wonky cottage club brought to you by @photosofbritain. They meet every week and visit tumbling down cottages (like the one below), eat piles of scones and take long naps. Apart from the naps, it sounds like my kind of club.

What I grew…


For the past 6-8 months, I’ve been popping the little green bits on the nobbly part of ginger root into whatever pot or patch of soil I can find. Yesterday I harvested my first ginger. It had taken up most of the pot it was in so I halved it and put the rest back into the soil for a little bit longer.

Here on the Sunshine Coast we’re spoilt and can buy ginger cheaply all year round from the farmer’s markets – usually harvested just the day before. I use it in so much that I cook and also chop it up with lemon to have in hot water while I work during the day. I have something special in mind for this – a Vietnamese chicken and ginger stir-fry.

What I cooked…

My healthy recipe of the week was Bang Bang Chicken. It comes from Adam Liaw’s Asian After Work, but you can also find the recipe here.

You could express-style it up a bit by substituting the ground toasted sesame seeds for a couple of spoonfuls of tahini, but after the day that I’d had on Tuesday (and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), I needed something to smash and sesame seeds were the best – and most appropriate – option.

We served it with some fresh rice noodles, cucumber and spring onions. My photo was terrible, so this is what it looks like in the book.

From the Nigella files, I also made a Bakewell Tart and real custard – but you’ll need to wait a few weeks until I blog it for that. Again, the pics are dreadful. I blame the lighting.

What I read…

Anthony Horowitz’s House Of Silk. This was my first ever Sherlock Holmes and I picked it up only because Horowitz had written it. I did, however, enjoy it immensely.

What I wrote…

Real life novel words. I’m supposed to be working 3.5/4 days a week in the day job, but for the first time in I can’t remember how long I actually took Friday off. Sure, there were work phone calls, but I took myself down to the Surf Club, watched the waves roll in and wrote some words.

I also finally booked myself and Christmas at Curlew Cottage into my editor’s diary so now I have a deadline that I’ve committed to.

What I’m looking forward to…

A mini road trip through New Zealand’s north island in 2 weeks time. We need to be in Martinborough (the wine region just outside Wellington) for a birthday party so are making a proper break of it. We’re flying into Auckland and making our way down from there – it’s fair to say that Auckland isn’t my favourite place in NZ…sorry. Anyways, it’s been about 10 years since I last had a look around the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Taupo so it should be good and the party will undoubtedly be fun. Speaking of which, I need to organise a costume that will fit into our luggage allowance!

Okay, that was my week…how was yours?


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  1. You are so organised on the writing front. Well done! And congratulations. I also think it’s okay to feel down and grumpy. It’s not healthy to be happy and up all the time. Just don’t stay in the dumps too long (or make changes in diet and exercise if you do). I saw the Canyon Swing shot on Insta I think? And I too thought, nah, not for me but how awesome for those that do!! Hang in there, #Lifethisweek

  2. Looks like your daughter had a lot of fun in NZ and you’ll soon be in NZ, too. Glad the cyclone watch was cancelled and you got some awesome surf and big tide photos. I continue to admire your cooking talent. How nice that you can grow ginger. Where I am it’s too cold to grow most herbs except in the summer, and when you move them indoor, they don’t grow well due to the central heating and lack of natural light. #lifethisweek

    1. It’s the best kind of cyclone to have – one that whips up the surf but remains at a safe distance lol. We’re fortunate here in that most herbs will grow all year round. I do need to take care with the heat and also too much water during the storm season, but other than that. I miss, however, the plants and flowers that require a cold winter and autumn in order to blossom in the spring. We don’t really get an Autumn or Spring here.

    1. Yep, that’s my girl! I’m looking forward to showing you – virtually speaking – around the Coromandel Peninsular, Rotorua and the Martinborough wine region. Make sure you (virtually) pack for all weather conditions…

  3. Hi Jo just think in two weeks time you will have left the job behind and be enjoying your holiday to NZ. I saw your photos on Instagram and the surf was certainly up wasn’t it? Luckily Oma didn’t present as many problems as was expected. I would love to join the wibbly wobbly wonky cottage club too! My week has been preparing for the MILs house to finally go on the market I will be so glad to see the end of this saga! Have a great week and it’s good to have a vent occasionally. xx

    1. Thanks Deb. You know what they say – if you can’t (or won’t) change the situation you need to change your attitude…I’m in the fake it until I make mode at present so all good. Have a great week.

  4. I hope you credited your mood with the time and attention it deserved and that things are settling down in the day job! I love the look of the wonky houses club, let’s face it, you had me at scones! Your holiday sounds fab – isn’t it great to have something to look forward to?!

    1. I can not wait for NZ! There’s something about landing in that country that lifts my spirits no matter what is going on.

  5. So glad Sarah is back home after a great adventure away.

    Good on you for growing ginger! I love cooking with it but wouldn’t know where to start with growing my own.

    SSG xxx

  6. Oh gosh – so much here I can relate to! My job that started in heaven and became hell – to the point I resigned yesterday – retirement here I come! Glad you have holidays to tide you over. And those pics of your daughter made my mother-heart clench just a bit – they’re so bulletproof aren’t they?! And I want to be a wonky cottage member too – the scones sound good 🙂

  7. I hope you can find many more gaps of time to do and be what makes you happy and well Jo. The photos of the waves were amazing. I loved them…keep em coming. I am glad you have a break planned soon. Life it too short not to take the breaks!!

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week. Next week’s optional prompt is the first Taking Stock in 2019. Denyse

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