As I write this I’m sipping at a negroni – my favourite cocktail ever…except perhaps for a martini, or an Aperol spritz, or a kir royale in Paris. At the moment though, this Negroni is my favourite cocktail in the world.

Hubby has just put the first part of the trifle in the fridge to do its setting thing and is currently rolling out potato scones. He has quite a production line happening: roll out the bannock, cut into farls, cook in the cast iron pan, while they’re cooking roll out another bannock…and so on. On the speakers is my Christmas playlist and it’s very much feeling like Christmas.

Anyways, let’s wrap this week up…

What I’m chuffed about…

We managed to get the prawns – Mooloolaba king prawns are the absolute best in the world – and a couple of spanner crabs with only a 10-minute wait today at the local fish markets. It was all actually a bit of a party atmosphere down there today – I’m sure that won’t be the case by tomorrow!

Update: At 6am this morning the queue was around the carpark and down to the beach. Somehow I don’t think the mood will have been as light as it was yesterday!

What I was really chuffed about…

The beach boardwalk at Mooloolaba – which has been closed for the last few months for rebuilding, forcing us to walk part of our morning constitutional on the road – has opened in time for the holidays and was absolutely worth the wait. The path is wider and way better lit.

What I’m watching…

Christmas cooking specials on Foxtel and Christmas movies. So far we’ve had Bridget Jones’ Diary, Elf and Polar Express. Our Christmas Eve tradition is Love Actually.

What I visited…

Solar Nights at the University of Sunshine Coast. This free and fun for all the family event was well worth going to. All the displays had been designed by USC staff, with an aim of promoting energy efficiency.

What I cooked…

Yep, it’s been a busy week in the kitchen with rum balls, speculoos biscuits, a 5 spice and cider ginger bundt cake and parmesan shortbread being baked.

There’s Christmas Crack in the fridge waiting to be broken up, so all I’m left to do is a lemon curd pavlova for the big day.

Where I lunched…

The $10 spicy pork lunch special at the local Korean #winning.

Where I Christmas partied…

I’m on holidays from the day job now until January 1 so the employees of my office – ie Adventure Spaniel and I – with our plus ones ie hubby and daughter – all trooped down to Mooloolaba Spit for our Christmas Party. A kilo of prawns, some bread rolls and cold beers – obviously not for the dog – and a view like this. What could be better?

So, that was my week…how was yours? Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and all the joy of the season…

Looking out to sea from the top of Buderim Village


5 Comments on “It’s a Wrap – 23 December 2018

  1. Wishing you a warm and happy holiday, Jo. I’ve (shamefully) never heard of a negroni before. I am off to look it up now. As I have already slipped into true confessions, I’ve never really understood ‘Love Actually’. I may need to watch it again.

    • Now THAT is a confession, Donna! I adore the movie but get that others may not…so much. It’s become a Christmas Eve tradition in our house. And you must try a negroni – campari, gin & vermouth…over ice. Plus it’s red so very seasonal.

    • Thanks Natalie… we’re certainly looking forward to tucking into those coral coloured beauties tomorrow. Wishing you a happy holiday too…

  2. Loved seeing this and reading too as I see you making this splendid part of Australia home! Hope yesterday was sensational and all you had hoped for Christmas at home!

    Thank you for joining the LAST #LifeThisWeek in 2018. Next one starts in 10 days and has the optional prompt: 1/51. Hello Again. 7/1/19. Thanks for your support of the link up in 2018. Denyse.

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