It’s a Wrap…

Another weirdly all over the place week characterised by public holidays and rain – not necessarily in that order – plus some more schedule disrupting stuff from south of the border. Anyways, let’s wrap the week up…

What I missed…

Sunrises for much of the week. Wednesday and Thursday were too wet for my usual morning walk and Tuesday and Friday were both pretty ordinary. The main pic (above) was taken last week off Alex Headland – it looks like molten gold to me.

a pic from Monday morning

Public Holidays…

Most of the rest of Australia celebrated the Queen’s Birthday public holiday on Monday. Here in Queensland we have that holiday in October – when everyone else is celebrating Labour Day. Labour Day, of course, we had at the beginning of May – close to the Queen’s actual birthday. Yeah, I don’t understand it either.

In any case, it meant a day off partition work (yay) and a chance to get some good words done in I Want You Back. As an aside, I’m dangerously close to finishing the re-write on that…and also dangerously close to changing the title. This was my office for the day – and what a mighty fine office it was.

Another public holiday on Friday – this time for the top half of the Sunshine Coast for Nambour Show Day (the other half of the coast got Maleny Show Day off a couple of weeks ago). It was a good excuse for all the coffee shops on The Esplanade to charge 10-15% surcharges. It was also the single most productive day I’ve had in weeks.

What I’m over…

The head cold I brought home with me from Sydney the other week has left me with persistent asthma that is – as well as making it hard to breathe through normal activities – doing my head in. I’ve been an asthmatic since I was a kid, but  haven’t needed a preventer for years. I put my health down to regular acupuncture treatments which I’m no longer having.

Anyways, I gave in and made an appointment for a doctor on Wednesday – which I then had to cancel due to some last minute partition work stuff I was required to cover. I was scheduled to work all day Thursday, and tried again on Friday but the public holiday got in the way. Suffice to say I still haven’t seen a doctor, but the symptoms are easing. Having said that, yes, I know I can’t afford to leave it until the next time.

A random photo of Adventure Spaniel…

Just because…

What I watched…

I finally finished watching River on netflix and am now binging on Loch Ness on iTunes – and am loving the scenery. It reminds me a tad of Top of The Lake – but then, it’s also easy to see how Lake Wakatipu can be used as a double for Loch Ness…just saying.

Where we lunched…

One Block Back at Moffat Beach. I wrote about it here. Who would have thought that doughnut fries could be a thing. Yes, really.

What I learnt…

That the order within a whale migration is quite structured – depending on gender, age and pregnancy status. A fascinating podcast on Conversations with Richard Fidler.

What I blogged…

On the Sunshine Coast blog, something about our cooking class at The Spirit House; and on the author site, something about working from home – and tips to get stuff done.

Some random sunset pics…

Due to the rain, not much in the way of sunsets either this week – although sone great colour was to be had on Thursday.

How was your week?


5 comments on “It’s a Wrap…”
  1. Doughnut fries!!! DOUGHNUT FRIES!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I’m so excited by the possibilities …

  2. Lovely to read how the week has been but not so lovely to read about your unwellness. Finding a trusted GP is essential now you’ve moved and it took us a couple of goes but we landed with one who was amazing (and still is) but we have found another who is 5 mins drive away now instead of 45 mins. He is great and helping me manage my anxiety as I await the dreaded surgery. We found our doctors by word of mouth and from the local pharmacist. Good luck. Thanks for linking up today for #lifethisweek 25/52. Next Week: Halfway Review 2017.

  3. Kat says:

    Apart from that head cold/asthma, it sounds like a pretty good week.
    Those doughnut fries are very deceiving though … I thought they were fries covered in Nutella. I’ll try most things, but I might draw the line at that.

    1. Jo says:

      I don’t eat sugar (unless it’s fermented i.e. wine) so they’re not for me either…Hubby & daughter certainly enjoyed them though…:)

  4. Deborah says:

    I couldn’t get into River and ended up ditching it part-way through!

    Hope your cold / flu improves… and I think you should get BOTH lots of holidays, just to cover all of the bases.

    Am also intrigued about the book title change!

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