I’m on holidays…almost…

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In a couple of hours I’ll be on my way to Sunshine Coast airport to be on my to Sydney to be on my way to Vietnam. And no, you haven’t missed anything – it has been less than a week since we moved into our new home on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s been a whirlwind – a chaotic and very exciting one.

The move, as I told you, has been ok – stressful as all moves are, but ok.

Telstra remains an issue – and we still have someone else’s phone number connected to us… and no internet. I’m hot-spotting everything to my phone data with reception so poor that the speed is reminding me of the old dial-up days. Hopefully Ms T (or her friends) can get it happening while we’re away.

The laundry (and bathroom and toilet) flooded on Monday – due to the movers not hooking the washing machine up correctly – but thankfully the water didn’t reach the two (carpeted) bedrooms in that part of the house.

There were problems with settlement in Sydney yesterday that resulted in the first meltdown I’ve had during this whole process – largely because the issues were things I hadn’t been able to buffer or control: storm damage to the house down there that needed to be quoted and repaired in order for the sale to proceed. We got there eventually – many phone calls and emails later.

In between all of this, I’ve also been working remotely to Sydney – via the slow data feed – and still have a large freelance commission that I need to get written that I haven’t yet been able to get the hook on. I suspect that I’ll be doing that in the hotel in Sydney later today and (seat pitch allowing) on the long flight tomorrow. When that’s done I’ll be able to relax a tad and be on holidays for a couple of weeks.

To be brutally honest my brain can quite literally not process a single thing more at present – and I can only deal with one thought or problem at a time. Even the ‘what’s for dinner?’ questions are beyond me. Oh, and I haven’t packed yet.

This trip was booked to celebrate my 50th birthday well before we knew that we’d be moving last weekend and, as much as I’m totally disorganised, I’m glad it was – I’m so in need of the break. In hindsight, it really couldn’t have been planned for a better time.

We’re meeting some close friends over there and, once I apologise profusely for not taking my fair share of the organisation due to limited brain capacity we’ll have a fabulous time – we always do with these friends.

We have a few days in Hanoi, an overnight cruise on Halong Bay (on my places to go to bucket list), another overnighter in Hanoi, and then 6 nights in Hoi An. Hubby and I are then going on to Bangkok for another 4 nights before returning to Sydney at Easter, collecting my car and our dog and driving back up here.

I’m so looking forward to rambling and eating and drinking and talking and exploring – all the things that you do to learn about a place and its culture and its people. I love Vietnamese food and really want to try the street food – having a pho in Vietnam is on my foodie bucket list.

I suspect the wifi over there will be better than what I have here at present, so no doubt you’ll get to read about it here.

Anyways, must run, it’s nearly 6am and I have a bag to pack!

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  1. Okay, so I’ve read your posts out of order, so it’s great to know you’re REALLY looking forward to this trip and not feeling like you’ve not had time to settle in. Sorry to hear about the dramas at your old place… you really don’t need that crap at times like this. And the Telstra issues. I had problems with Telstra on my seachange move and they lasted for months and I remember sitting in my car at the front of my apartments (cos mobiles didn’t work inside) and trying to talk to someone about my home phone and ADSL connection and they expected me to be inside, but of course I couldn’t be. And I just lost it. I had a big cry and drove the 40kms to my mum’s, had lunch with her (and then got a call from the Telstra person to say he’d arrived early at my place and was waiting for me!).

    I’m grappling with a few hiccups at my new place at the moment and though $ is an issue for me at the moment, I’m trying to remind myself I can deal with whatever sh*it comes my way… that it will be okay etc… I think I’m getting a little better at letting go – but that’s more a result of my lifestyle than my personality!

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