Why I love airports…

I’m writing this at Sydney airport waiting for my flight to Sunshine Coast. I’m up for the weekend – did I mention that I’m (gulp) 50 on Sunday? – and can’t wait to see my family. It’s hard to believe that the next time I do this trip – in just 2 weeks – it will be to move up…

Because of a number of reasons we don’t need to go into, I was super early today – not that it worries me… I love airports – with a few notable exceptions (Jakarta and KL LCC I’m looking at you).

Anyways, because it’s Thursday and I’m linking up with the lovin’ life crew at Deep Fried Fruit, here’s why I don’t mind the wait.

The vibe

The comings, the goings, the greetings, the goodbyes, the excitement, the not excitement. The faces tell the story.

The food

Yep, I said it. I might be fussy about my food, but seriously (some) airports are getting better. Yes I know that plenty aren’t great, but I’ll always remember a fabulous Hainanese Chicken at Hong Kong.

This morning I had brekky at Movida in T2 and managed to get a decent whack of todays word count done. Right now I’m sipping at coffee at Veloce Cafe near the Jetstar gates. Some girls from Dapto Swimming Club have just “rowed” their way along the travelator. Another group were on their tummies freestyling. I’m glad I don’t have to wash those squad shirts.

The journey

I’ve never got tired of it. When I do, well, it’s time to be giving it all away.

Airport bookstores

I always buy a book at the airport. Always. A real non-kindle book. In fact, as soon as this is posted I’ll be popping across to do just that.

The Departures Board

I love checking out the board and playing the where will I go next game.

What about you- are you a fan?

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  1. I’ve always loved airports Jo, even when I’m not travelling. Years ago my ex and I used to go to Perth airport on a Sunday afternoon for coffee just to soak up the vibe and get that buzz around travelling – that was before parking at the airport required you to re-mortgage the house. And airport bookshops? Yes! Yes! Yes!

    1. It’s funny, but I remember Sunday drives as kids to watch the planes land & take -off. Of course, that was in the 70s & the idea seemed so much more exotic & out of reach than it is now…& thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. Yep I like airports too. Except KL airport as you mentioned and I also found Hobart airport to be very lacking in space and facilities. It’s good just sitting back and people watching, wondering where everyone is travelling to and browsing the shops (some of the airports have great shopping malls!) I agree too that airport food is getting healthier with more choices. Happy 50th for Sunday! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  3. I love the positive focus you have – and the ability to find joy in the mundane. I hate airports and all the security checks and the waiting around and the stress. Maybe I don’t travel enough for it to become laid back and easy. Regardless, you’ve given me something to think about – look for the fun and ignore the rest!

    1. The queueing & security checks do annoy me, but I guess they’re necessary…as for the rest, yeah, look for the fun!

  4. I also love airports and you’ve reminded me exactly why I do! The frisson of anticipation about new places, the time to sit and stare or people watch or read a book, and oh so much more 🙂 #teamlovinlife

  5. I love airports too! They are exciting, offering a sense of adventure ahead! Sadly, more often than not I am at them to see someone else off but they are still exciting! Happy Birthday for Sunday. 50 isn’t so bad – been there done that *sigh*! #TeamLovinLife

  6. I too love airports unless there is a long delay and then once I have browsed the books and checked out the food/drink on offer I am BORED! Mind you, I almost missed a flight to Cobar early one morning despite being at the airport by 6.15 a.m. I had not realised I needed to keep an eye out to catch the BUS to get to the little plane that was taking for me my work trip (a day only!) to Cobar. Made it though. Happy Half a Century Lady!!

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  8. I’m not a fan of airports as I’m just not a fan of waiting. Of course I’m also not a fan of rushing or being late, so I’m pretty much screwed on that front. I’ve rarely flown off on holidays though, so perhaps if I was going somewhere exciting and there were no time pressures I’d enjoy them. Perhaps.

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