Taking Stock: January


I’m a little late to the Taking Stock party. Created by Pip Lincoln over at Meet Me At Mikes, it’s a way of slowing down once a month and, well, taking stock. Similar to my wrap posts, but different at the same time.

Making: time at the start of the day to work on my current novel. Sadly this means I’m not making enough time to exercise.

Cooking: not very much – the kitchenaid is away for the duration of the sale and it’s way too heavy to lift up and out of the cupboard. Plus it’s hot. Too hot to cook.

Drinking: way too much alcohol. Still. One of these days I’ll do something about it. Maybe.

Reading: Raven Black by Ann Cleeves. It’s one of the novels the series Shetland is based on.

Trawling: Real Estate.com

Wanting: a quick sale of our house in Sydney

Looking: at my diary filling up

Deciding: which furniture to sell rather than move.

Wishing: I’d made more time for the gym this month…

Enjoying: my super clean study – I’ll never ever let it get that messy again…

Waiting: for next Friday. I’ll tell you why then!

Liking: The new bookmarking thingie on instagram. No more screenshots.

Wondering: whether I should have a go at growing ginger in Queensland.

Loving: my herb garden. The basil has gone mad.

Pondering: the power of signs and serendipity and all of those concepts

Listening: to retro, daggy pop very very loud as I’ve been cleaning…interspersed with more atmospheric stuff by Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance.

Considering: a month of no buying – where I read only what’s already in my kindle, and watch or listen only to what’s already on my itunes – or available for free. Freeman February has a ring to it…

Buying: books from Amazon. My January purchases included:

The Secret Wife, Gill Paul

Hades and Fall, Candace Fox

A Murder of Crows, PF Chisholm

Raven Black, Ann Cleeves

Love, Lies and Lemon Cake, Sue Watson

Watching: Lewis. I should be writing at night instead of procrastiwatching.

Hoping: it doesn’t really get into the 40s again tomorrow

Marvelling: at the power of the elements – watching the fire in Coolum the other week proved again what a force nature is.

Cringing: at the thought of another 40 degree day

Needing: to get moving more this week.

Questioning: when I can fit in the whole moving more thing.

Smelling: the gardenias that have just started blooming in the garden.

Wearing: Bali beach dresses and havaianas and wishing I could wear these clothes to work every day.

Following: my insta follows this week were:

@cookislands – for travel inspo

@jamesvodicka – for photography inspo

@thetravellingkimono – for sunny coast inspo

@backpackingmatt – for NZ inspo

@paulsmithimages – for Noosa inspo

@metropolist_sc – for all things sunny coast

Noticing: the family of 3 kookaburras that has moved into the neighbourhood. They come and sit on the pool fence in the late afternoon each day.

Knowing: where my family will be living for those few weeks when they head north before me. I’ve booked them into a unit up at Alexandra Headland – across the road from the beach…lucky things.

Thinking: about how soon I can join them.

Admiring: Pip Lincoln for coming up with this list and getting through it each month.

Getting: excited about the possibilities of a new adventure

Bookmarking: Instagram pics of Sunshine Coast scenes

Disliking: the extreme heat of this summer so far

Opening: for inspection – our house that is. We had 12 groups through yesterday in the half hour opening.

Giggling: at the video of a corgi on a hill with a propeller cap on its head.

Feeling: surprisingly ok about the whole selling process.

Helping: Wesley Church with boxes of things for their garage sale.

Hearing: squadrons of cockatoos fly over as I write this.

Celebrating: This month we celebrated my sister’s birthday, her husband’s birthday, and the birthday of her two oldest sons. We also sang happy birthday to my mother and wished Mum and Dad congratulations on 53 years married. January is a big birthday month.

Pretending: not to be worried about hubby and daughter driving to Queensland without me.

Embracing: ok, I’m trying to embrace the idea of letting go and letting things be – and not really succeeding.

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  1. I cheated when I did this and only used a few prompts from memory. I note it’s on Denyse’s themes for Feb some time as well.

    I’ve got an Ann Cleeves book sitting near my bathtub that I haven’t gotten to yet. When you’re closer I can give them to you! (Of course that will require me to visit the Sunny Coast!)

    I also love the new ‘save’ thing on Instagram…. I just keep forgetting it’s there.

    I’m also with you on the hot days. We haven’t had rain for weeks and weeks and my lawn is brown. We tend to miss the storms that roll in on hot days sadly.

    Oh and 12 groups yesterday is good. Fingers crossed someone puts in an offer quickly!

    1. There’s soooooo many prompts. I’m going to have a go at doing it more often, but might need to trim the prompts a tad.

  2. I think it is a perfect time to take stock almost one month into the New Year Deb. I loved reading your list and yes I enjoy Lewis plus I also started two new daily rituals – a morning and an evening ritual. My morning rituals have been taking a moment to just be, doing some yoga and easing into the day. My evening ritual is for reflection. Have a great week! Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. My morning is writing & when I get home from work, it’s writing after dinner followed by half an hour of Lewis & some reading to wind down. It’s probably no wonder I sleep badly.

  3. I love trawling realestate.com too. It’s a great way of getting to know other states and cities, all at the click of your mouse.

    This is a great list of prompts, one day I will get down and complete it. One day.

  4. I am glad you had 12 groups through! Hope a decent and very high offer or three comes in. As for realestate.com.au…yes, I too trawl it but sadly cannot buy anything and everything is going UP …sigh. One day!! I agree that the list for Taking Stock is huge. I have it for end of February and may adjust it. Last time I did one I found it a bit repetitious. Thank you for linking up for Life This Week 5/52. Next week’s prompt is “How Much Money is Enough”.

    1. It’s such a huge list that I think I’ll be adapting just a tad going forward. I like your money prompt & I’m thinking it could be one that I’ll actually follow (I’m such a rebel…not…!) Have a great week.

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