That’s a Wrap: January 21, 2017


As I write this I’m watching some blooms of smoke from the balcony of the unit we’re in at Coolum Beach. The smell of smoke is filtering through the apartment. We’re up here to look at real estate that we might want to live in, but have not had any blinding flashes of brilliance yet. What was blinding though, was the sight of the flames last night from the fire at the back of Coolum and into Peregian Springs.


The firefighters got it under control last night, but it’s flared back up again. Coolum Beach Surf Club have set up for evacuees for tonight.


Ok, to the week that was – in all of its over-heated glory. A short week from a work viewpoint – just 3 days in the office – but those 40+ degrees made it feel so much longer.

Where I drank…


My plans for Saturday night and a catch-up with old work mates fell through, so luckily new plans were made and we ended up at Uncle Ming’s for cocktails.


This is one of those have to know it’s there bars in York Street, and it’s full of dark corners and red lights and fabulous cocktails. Just don’t tell anyone about it…ok?


With our cocktails arrived these yummy snow pea crisps. You can get them from Woolworths and they’re very yummy.


What I decluttered…

Our spare bedroom. It’s where the photos and the vinyl and what’s left of the craft stores are kept. It was enough to keep me amused all afternoon.

I wasn’t able to part with any of my vinyl – there are way too many memories tied into the songs.


I can’t remember which of these was my first purchase in 1975, but I do know that I saved birthday money every year to buy records.

This one, a Eurovision classic, is still on my iPod – I used it in Baby, It’s You.


What was super responsible…

I love these sun safe, swim safe leaflets they hand out at Sunshine Coast Airport.


Where Miss T declared the best pizza on the coast…


Yes, I know this is a highly disputed title, but Miss T knows her pizzas, and I know my pizza bases, and both are great at Peregian Beach Hotel. Just saying.


Where we swam…


An early morning swim at Coolum Beach to wash away the smoky cobwebs before a day of house-hunting.


What disappointed me…

Because of the timing of stage 1 of the move I had to make the decision to return my ticket to Joanna Penn’s How To Make A Living From Your Writing seminar. Luckily the wait list was long, so someone else will benefit, but man, I’m disappointed.

Where we lunched…


I crave Mooloolaba prawns, and we can’t have a trip to the Sunshine Coast without sharing a kilo of these sweet little morsels from The Deck at Mooloolaba Spit. Just perfect.

Where we stayed…

Coolum Caprice. It’s high rise, it’s affordable, it has the hottest lifts and public areas in history. The rooms too are hot. There’s a split system air con in the lounge room, but only fans in the bedrooms. At this time of the year that’s just not enough. Hashtag first world problems. The views, though, are fabulous – as is the location.


What I read…

Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay. Oh how I enjoyed this one. It’s the perfect summer read – and set in Cornwall. What’s not to like?

What I blogged…

Again I’d pre-scheduled posts for the astro site (as an aside, happy birthday Aquarius). Other than that, it was a light blogging week, with nothing new posted on the author site, and just one post – something about dream destinations – here.

What I lost…

The last of the four toenails I was lost as a result of Milford Track. There’ll be no foot selfies from me for the rest of the summer.


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  1. I did see the pics of your trip on Instagram and FB so have followed along from home. Sorry you had such hot weather, we had supposed ‘heatwave’ conditions here. It’s really dry where I am and – as I’m slightly more remote than my usual city living I wondered about fires and what would happen here.

    I’m intrigued by the snow pea crisps as I don’t actually mind snow peas. I don’t LOVE them, but I don’t dislike them either!

    1. Believe it or not, the first few days of the week in Sydney were hotter than on the coast- another few 40+ scorchers. Eeeeuw. Re the snow peas, the friend we were with (who doesn’t eat anything green) loved them.

    1. Yes, it was a great long weekend away. Those 1st few days in Sydney were way hotter than the weekend in qld though! Have a great week…

    1. They were pretty good Vanessa! It was fascinating to watch the fires from a distance, but they were moving so fast I dare say it wasn’t much fun if you lived at the back of Coolum or Peregian Springs… have a great week.

  2. The fact that this place will soon be ‘home’ is both unreal and real because as I know, the place you visit is not the same as the place you live in. Nevertheless you have to research and we regret that we only looked at one part of the Central Coast (south) because I was so stressed I couldn’t deal with both the sale of our place (it had happened but the emotions were high) and the fact that we had to find something (with air con!) to rent. Short term would have been better but for us wasnt an option. Taking a place that was above our budget, two storey and only partially air-conditioned cost us a lot financially and in terms of our health/relationship. Moving to the (CC-northern end) single story place which has ducted air and fits all our needs for now as renters was the best move we made. Good luck!! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 4/52. Denyse

    1. Thanks Denyse. It was funny, after checking out other places, we drove over the hill with Mooloolaba glistening below us and felt like we’d come home. That was the beach we wanted to live near. Signs are funny things…

  3. Eek! Fire!! There was a fire down at Surf Beach on the weekend which is where we have our holiday house. We believe it may have been at the reserve where we do our bush walks. The place our doggy probably got his tick. Hopefully it burned all the ticks in the process.

    Can I have pizza for breakfast?

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