There’s not a huge amount that I can say about Bath that hasn’t been said before, or written before- so I’ll tell you in pictures. Warning: it was a seriously manky day, so the light was crap.

There’s the architecture, of course.


Anyone who’s read Jane Austen (especially Persuasion) will know all about that.


In particular, there’s the Circus and Royal Crescent- where the whole street is perfectly symmetrical and in a semi circle. The outside of the houses all look the same (I’ve heard stories of a role home-owner who painted their front door blue, or something, in rebellion, but didn’t see it) but the insides are completely different.


There’s the Abbey…


It’s so big I had problems getting a photo of it. The one below I took from the baths looking out over the busy Christmas market.


The best views were from in the baths.


Inside was magnificent.


All those words that take the words away- probably why it’s so incredibly quiet- everyone seems to wander around in awed silence.


Then, of course, there are the Roman Baths.


Here’s another view.


and one from lower down…


It’s worth taking your time through the museum- and not rushing straight to the baths. Through a series of projections and interactive displays, history is sort of brought to life.

Oh, the getting there thing? We drove down from The Cotswolds. This is a big city, and a busy one- and the parking inspectors are lethal. To get the most out of your day, take advantage of the park and ride.



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