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Wish You Were Here…

It’s been a while since I updated you with the progress of the novel formerly known as Finding John Smith…so here goes. The title has been revised, revised again, and finally decided. I’m pleased to announce that the novel formerly known as… Read More

Big Girls Don’t Cry…a review

Ok, I’ll probably retreat into my head down a hole thing & refuse to read any more reviews, but I was quite overwhelmed by this one from Debbish. So, I’m sharing. ‘Thinking women’s chick lit…’ Thank you. For more great reviews by… Read More

Friday Five…desert island discs

So anyways, we got to talking in the partition this morning about desert island albums. You know the ones- those classic albums that if you were stranded on a desert island with access to power and a device that played music, you’d… Read More

Friday Five…and something about ambrosia salad

So anyways, I was walking along beside Homebush Bay the other lunchtime, when I burst out giggling. Giggling when walking alone probably isn’t the smartest thing to do- especially not at lunchtime and dressed for the partition- but giggle is what I… Read More

How to make…Butter Chicken in the slow cooker…

So anyways, I’m trying to cut back a little on my partition hours by taking Fridays off to take care of other business- ie work on my manuscript. To date, I haven’t been hugely successful. Meetings get booked that I need to… Read More

breaking up is hard to do…

I broke up with my Personal Trainer today. No, it’s ok- the separation was amicable and mutually agreed. After two years the relationship has run its course…as has the 6 months of sessions I prepaid before I left work. That’s right, the… Read More

island hopping in sydney: cockatoo island

OK, I admit it- I don’t really get art installations. At all. It’s not that I haven’t tried over the years, but I simply can’t get my head around most of it. Yet it’s something I feel that I should try harder… Read More

coogee to bondi coast walk

I’m about to stray into too much information territory- it hurts to sit down…and walk…and move. Stairs- and lots of them- tend to do that to you! Bondi is quintessentially Sydney- yet I have never been here. I don’t count coming through… Read More

beer and onion soup

I don’t know if this is an authentic French onion soup recipe, so I won’t call it one. Others I’ve seen have used cognac, some have used chicken stock and some white wine. This one is darkly beery and beefy and a… Read More

under the clocks

This blog was originally posted at Jo Tracey Astrology in January 2012. I am gradually moving all travel posts over here. Into street art, or what people used to call graffiti before it became artistic and trendy? Some artists now are completely… Read More