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Lemon Drizzle Cake

Friends of ours – more escapees from Sydney – have just finished building their dream home in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. They moved up about a year after us, and have been living in a caravan and a shed on the block… Read More

Rendang Daging

Okay, I promised you some recipes from our travels to Penang and Singapore. I’ve already brought you Hainanese Chicken Rice, and now I give you Beef (Daging) Rendang – a dish you see a lot in Malaysia; especially as one of the… Read More

The Nigella Diaries: Lemon Linguine

I’ve been away a lot of late so haven’t had much chance to update you on my progress through “How To Eat”. This dish though is well worth talking about. It’s one of those ready in as long as it takes to… Read More

Cheese Scones…

One of the first things I learnt to bake was scones. I would have been in my early teens because we were living in Bombala (in southern NSW) and I even entered them in the local show a couple of times –… Read More

The Nigella Diaries – Basil Oil

The two basil bushes I planted in the Spring have been very generous to us over the summer. Basil has been torn into Asian-style herby salads, topped simple home-made pizzas, been sandwiched between mozzarella cheese and thick slices of tomato for a… Read More


Apologies to anyone who is on my author mailing list – you will have already seen this… The days are getting longer – and warmer. Sunrise is now well before 6am and Spring is definitely in the air. At the markets strawberries… Read More

How to make raspberry and lemon tarts

Since making our sea-change to the Sunshine Coast, we’ve changed the way we shop. Rather than Woolworths or Coles being the one stop for all groceries, these days we buy meat from butchers and fruit and veg from the weekly farmer’s markets…. Read More

How to make salmon fishcakes and cranachan…

With apologies to my Scottish husband, I’ve long held a belief that the Scots invented whisky to make haggis more palatable – or to make you forget that you’d eaten it. Yes, I know there are plenty of people out there who… Read More

How to make: Pumpkin Macaroni Cheese…

Ok, a disclaimer. I had this post planned and written before this week’s Masterchef mac and cheese challenge – although to me it’s mac cheese and never ever mac and cheese. You see, I have a thing about mac cheese – so… Read More

How to make chilli jam…

I don’t do a lot of the bake and take thing – you know, giving of food for Christmas. I do however, usually make a batch of this chilli jam. One jar of it goes to my BMF – he has it… Read More