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Queenstown dreaming….

  Ok, I was going to do another Nigella Diaries update today – tell you all about basil oil and pesto rice salad, but my daughter, Sarah, is in Queenstown at the moment having a fabulous time and I’m just a wee… Read More


I love Queenstown. Absolutely adore it. It’s why Happy Ever After is the 2nd of my books to feature it as a location – Wish You Were Here was the first. Anyways, these are some of the locations in Queenstown and surrounds… Read More

Remarkable Eats…

I’ve posted about Queenstown’s food scene before – here and here. But that was then and this is now – so we’re due an update. Fergburger is still a ‘thing’. The queues are there all day, and on a fine evening, hordes… Read More

A Remarkable Drop (or two…)

As well as thrills and spills, the Queenstown area is also known for its drops – the wines of Central Otago. Originally a gold-mining region, these days the land provides for some mighty fine liquid riches – pinot noir, I’m looking at… Read More

Remarkable Thrills

One thing Queenstown does particularly well is the tourism thing. Sure, she could rest on her laurels and be happy with the popularity of the ski season, but these days there’s very little difference between hotel occupancy rates in the height of… Read More

Introducing….the cheese roll!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking something like: Jo is in Queenstown so there’ll be some great location shots and some fabulous photos of remarkable places to eat. You’ll also be thinking that I’ll be using the word remarkable a lot…. Read More

The Track to Milford Sound…

As this post goes to press I’ll be on my way to the airport for a flight to Queenstown. I have the weekend in this fabulous city and then on Monday we tackle the Milford Track. I’ve been to Milford Sound a… Read More

And that’s a wrap…

So anyways, I didn’t wrap last week up properly and, given that I’m now on holidays for the next week and a bit and off to Queenstown tomorrow, here’s a special wrap-up of the week that was…with absolutely no mention of the… Read More

Friday Five…

It’s been a tough week in the partition. That’s sort of normal for January- and February- but this week has been super hard. I think it’s because everyone, well nearly everyone, is back at work. And, just like how everything needs to… Read More


February was dominated by Queenstown and the Routeburn Track- something I’d been training and planning for 6 months for. Five weeks out from departure, I blew my calf muscle, so February was also characterized by some heavy duty physical therapy to get… Read More