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A Fresh Start

  I’m not making resolutions this year or setting a word for the year – I’ll tell you why tomorrow. I am, however, continuing with my list of 101 things in 1001 days. (Don’t worry about looking it up – it’s in… Read More

Operation Excess Baggage: Week 1- Small Steps

  Yesterday afternoon, even though I only needed a couple of red onions, dog biscuits, and a pack of pizza bases, I completed two laps of our local Woolworths. Why? Certainly not because I was checking out the product, and adored having… Read More

2015: The Resolutions…

I’ve mentioned before that I’m the type who throws out random declarations to the Universe somewhere before the clock strikes midnight. I’ve generally forgotten them by the time January draws to a close. That’s ok, goals can be limiting, and I’m not… Read More