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The Nigella Diaries: Lemon Linguine

I’ve been away a lot of late so haven’t had much chance to update you on my progress through “How To Eat”. This dish though is well worth talking about. It’s one of those ready in as long as it takes to… Read More

The Nigella Diaries – Birthday Cake

I have to admit to not being a lover of either chocolate cakes or birthday cakes. I know, shock horror, who is this woman? But I have been known to make both because apparently, and more believably, other people are lovers of… Read More

The Nigella Diaries: Sunday Lunch

When we were in Britain during winter a few years ago the one thing we tried to do each week – with mixed success – was to find a pub for Sunday lunch. The most memorable of these was at a pub… Read More

Christmas Cookbooks

Although we live in South East Queensland, when I think of Christmas cooking and Christmas tables my mind turns to the northern hemisphere. It stands to reason then, that the food I read about and the recipes I want to cook are… Read More

How to make lemon pavlova…

Let’s have a chat about the pavlova – and no, I don’t care whether the Australians or the Kiwis invented it first, but I happen to think that Nigella has reinvented it. No longer is the pav a flattish disc of chewy… Read More

Cooking the Books…

The kitchen smelt very much like anzac biscuits, but gingery anzac biscuits. Or what gingery anzac biscuits would smell like if they were turned into the base of a gingery anzacy slice. In the oven was the ginger oaty slice from The… Read More

How to make: Chocolate Pavlova

So what do you bake when it’s your turn to bring dessert and you need to cater for some gluten free eaters? Maybe a mousse- light and airy and chocolatey? What about meringues or a pavlova? How about something that combines a… Read More

how to make: oysters and champagne sabayon

Just how amazing are eggs? I mean seriously amazing? Aside from basic poaching, frying and the comfort of boiled eggs and toast soldiers, omelettes and frittatas, coddling and baking, there’s the really magic part. Take Annabel Langbein’s Strawberry Cloud Cake for instance?… Read More

how to bake: chocolate brownies

These are the chocolatiest and, if baked just right, the fudgiest chocolate brownies in the history of the world- well, in the history of my world. Given that it is such an incredible indulgence, it’s fitting that the recipe originally came from… Read More

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