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The Sydney Quiz…

I was flicking through old blog posts the other day looking for inspiration and found this one I’d originally written after Angela Savage posted a (melbourne) quiz on her blog. It was a sort of a homage to the quiz that appeared… Read More

friday five: chew and view…

At last weeks SWF seminar, the first speaker, Emily Maguire, talked about the importance of getting out of your head every so often. As writers, it’s an understatement to say that most of us live inside our heads, or the heads of… Read More

nielsen park…and shark beach

I’ve been back in Sydney for just over 20 years- and up until this summer have not been to a Sydney beach. It’s always seemed too hard to get there (we’re in the ‘burbs- and everywhere on the coast is an hour… Read More

happy fathers day

I’m lucky. I know I am. I still have my Dad in my life. So many don’t. My husband doesn’t, and even though I know that he doesn’t say it, every year when Miss 14 and I spoil him and make a… Read More