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Elliott’s Bistro

There’s something seriously surreal about having breakfast with your family on your 50th birthday and then heading straight to the airport to fly home to Sydney. Alone. On the upside, I knew that in just 10 days time I’d be flying back… Read More

The Velo Project, Mooloolaba

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going out for breakfast I want something a little, well, different to what I’d get at home – and I say that acknowledging that my husband makes a flipping good brekky and an even… Read More

November and December…

November was full of eating, drinking, Christmas shopping and Melbourne. There was something about Tonka– a great place to eat; something about Rose St Markets– a great place to shop; and something about Hosier Lane- a great place to look at street… Read More

how to make: potato scones…

Mr T is Scottish- well, he was born in a place called Falkirk, but can’t even fake an “auch aye” these days. Nor does he like whisky. There are some things from his heritage that remain constant- one of these is potato,… Read More