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Imperfect pikelets that are sort of like crumpets

I can’t remember when I last slept past 5am. Sure there were days that I did in NZ, but that was before I’d adjusted to time zones and 7am there was really 4am at home so it doesn’t really count. This morning… Read More

How to make Brookies…

Brownies are a bit of a favourite in our house, but then, so are chocolate chip cookies. So what better compromise than the brookie? I first came across this recipe on Masterchef last season. It was the episode where Matt and Nigella… Read More

Orange and Cardamon Cake…

I haven’t baked for weeks – not since before the house went on the market. It’s not just been about trying to avoid the mess… ok, maybe it has been. It’s just that it’s seemed as though most of my available time… Read More

How to make peanut butter chocolate chip biscuits…

It’s the Queen’s Birthday long weekend here in Sydney, and I should be writing…which means, of course, that I’m baking. These peanut butter chocolate chip biscuits are super easy to mix up, super quick to bake, and taste super tasty- especially with… Read More

How to make Louise Cake…

So anyways, I’m now deadline free- for the first time since the beginning of February. When I say deadline free, I mean freelance deadline free- the next draft of Finding John Smith (or whatever I end up deciding the title should be)… Read More

How to make: Pain Au Chocolat Cinnamon Rolls

So anyways, every so often a recipe comes along that’s so mind bogglingly simple it couldn’t possibly work…and if it did work, it couldn’t possibly taste good….yet somehow it does. This is one of those. It started because I’ve been listening to… Read More

how to bake: orange, cardamon and sour cream cake

This is my husband’s favourite cake. And no wonder really- it’s intensely orange, moist and delightfully soft. The cardamom adds a touch of the exotics. This recipe comes from Greg and Lucy Malouf’s wonderful book, Moorish- Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech. It’s… Read More

just don’t tell the CWA…

Editing is marvellous. It allows you to turn hindsight into present time success. Like on those cooking shows. Every so often the lovingly photographed finished dish looks just a tad different to how it looked before the close-up. Editing. I often wonder… Read More