Reckon It’ll Rain?

A stormy sea at Urangan

I remember Dad used to mimic this skit that was on the radio (or was it TV?) where these two old codgers would be sitting out the front of a country pub nursing their beers. I think they were both called Len (but don’t quote me on that.) Anyways Len 1 looks at the sky, squints a bit and says, ‘Reckon it’ll rain?’ Len 2 looks up and squints a bit and says slowly ‘yeah, I reckon we could get a bit out of this.’ Len 1 nods seriously and says, ‘we need it but.’ To which Len 2 nods in the same way and says, ‘yeah we do.’

Many years later Grant and I had pulled in at Tilba Tilba – a lovely heritage town in the hinterland of the South Coast of NSW, just in from Bega. We were on our first road trip as a couple, and still getting to know each other. It was a winter day and the sky was heavy. We spotted a cafe that we thought would be a lovely place to stop and have some lunch.

Sitting on a timber bench seat outside the cafe were two old guys. Both of them in working clothes with rough wool jumpers and hats. One of them peered at the sky and said, ‘Reckon it’ll rain?’ The other examined the clouds thoughtfully, took a deep breath and nodded slowly. ‘Yeah, I reckon we could get a bit out of this.’ I bet you can guess what came after this? Yep, word for word. I laughed so hard and then had to explain to Grant just what was so funny.

Even today, all these years later, when the sky is full of some cool cloud action I’ll say, ‘Reckon it’ll rain?’ and he’ll say, ‘yeah, we need it but.’ I’ll nod and say, ‘that we do.’

Linking up with Terri for #SundayStills. This weeks prompt was Rainy Day.

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  1. I was so sure that I had seen or heard that ‘Len/Len Reckon it will Rain’ skit! 😀
    I just did a quick Youtube search but sadly Youtube, Google…or simply my research skills have let me down. I found nothing!
    Your post did make me giggle though. Thank you for the evening smile!

  2. Impressive photos of the stormy seas, Jo. My husband and I have a rain conversation almost every day. He will be certain a storm is heading our way. And I will say whether it smells like rain or not. Very funny about the reckon it will rain conversations. An aside, Jo, I checked to preorder “Escape to Curlew Cottage” in paperback and hardcover and I found only ebooks on I may need to wait?

    1. We do all the time too – or southerlies…we’re always talking about when the southerly will arrive to cool things down. In Sydney we used to get these southerly busters that would drop the temps up to 20deg almost immediately. You’d look forward to them. We don’t get them here though. xxx

    1. Lol – when it rains here it RAINS. But no snow in sub-tropical Queensland. Thanks for dropping by.

    1. We get a lot during the summer – it’s our “storm” season. Having said that we haven’t had as many storms as we usually do this year but when it rains it RAINS.

  3. Yep, Jo, I reckon it’ll rain, especially here today, mostly a spit or two. So glad you see your post and I cracked up at the Lens’ and their wordplay. But to hear it word for word later? I imagine you stifled your laughter! Gorgeous shots of stormy skies and the ocean just makes the light look amazing!

  4. Something invigorating about a stormy day walking along the beach. Kills the humidity for a short while! Love the photos, Jo.

  5. Great photos Jo and I love when families have “in” jokes like your Len one. We for some bizarre reason quote Prince Charles who said about the Queen Mother after she died “oh how I shall miss those laughs” – it’s surprising how often we say it and the random usages for it!

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