Melbourne – A Street Art Update

Chapel Street, Windsor

I can’t possibly go to Melbourne and not take photos of the street art, which means that I can’t possibly not share them with you.

Croft Alley (off Little Bourke Street in Chinatown)

Hosier Lane…of course

The art in this lane is always changing. Sarah commented that it probably even has more coats of paint than we used to have in our old Castle Hill house – the family joke being that I painted the walls so often I reduced the square footage of the house…#whatever.

Somewhere in Chapel Street Prahran or Windsor…

Windsor Station

Artists Lane, Windsor

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22 thoughts

  1. Very nice street art in Melbourne! They’ve become popular in many cities. I saw some really good street art in Chile. We also have a Graffiti Alley in Toronto. #lovin’lifelinky

    1. Melbourne has so much of it and it’s constantly changing – which I love. I’m back down again in a few weeks and I reckon it will have changed again.

  2. Seems like Melbournians have their own variety of Banksy. I like that some blank walls are decorated, especially in dark alleyways.

    1. Melbourne has a fabulous street art scene. Every time I’m down I’ll come back with something different. I’m back down there again in a few weeks and I just know there’ll be something new to capture. As an aside, there used to be a small Banksy in one of the little alleys…

      1. I was intrigued by this comment and have been looking up Banksy in Melbourne. Seems there were a number which have been gradually destroyed. Ugh! You can’t fix that up.

      2. No, they were badly damaged. I remember seeing one of them – it was high up in the alley behind Degraves…such a pity.

    1. I just love Melbourne’s street art scene. I’m back again in a few weeks and I just know it will be different again.

  3. what a fabulous collection of artwork. I do love street art – people are so gifted to be able to do these. Must track some down when I’m next in Melbourne. sharing.

  4. I’ve not been to Melbourne for many many years (and have no plans to go anytime soon) but your posts keep reminding me that I’d have to look out for the street art. I mean, I think it’s in other places and I know in Maryborough (nearby) they’ve started doing murals on buildings, so guess it’s becoming more popular. A response to graffiti originally perhaps?

  5. You’re very good at finding all the good street art around Melbourne. I’m gonna have to go visit these spots next time I’m there. I soooo love Melbourne … so much so that I think I was meant to be VIctorian … or something?! #TeamLovinLife

  6. Oh, the shading is so dramatic in the first pieces you shared. Love the unexpected use of color for the contours of the faces. Beautiful.

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