Christmas Holidays Reading List

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I’ll give you a rundown of my year in books next week, but for now, with Christmas just 10 days away, I’m reading only seasonal titles – just to get into the spirit of it all.

In fact, I’m so full of the spirit of the season that I’m planning my own Christmas novel. It will be full of food, love, and two dogs named Nigel and Nigella. As for the rest? Yeah, I haven’t got that far yet!

Anyways, without further ado here’s what’s in my kindle for Christmas…

A Gift From Comfort Food Cafe, Debbie Johnson – part of the fabulous Comfort Food Cafe series

Christmas At The Comfort Food Cafe, Debbie Johnson – ditto

A Paris Christmas, John Baxter – a book about one man’s search to plan and source the perfect French Christmas dinner

Christmas at Claridges, Karen Swan – which, disappointingly, isn’t really about either Christmas or Claridges.

The Christmas Secret, Karen Swan – which, much more pleasingly, is about both Christmas and a Scottish whisky distillery.

Mistletoe and Murder, Carola Dunn – part of the Daisy Dalrymple series

The Mother Of All Christmases, Milly Johnson – I thought this one would be a lot more predictable than it has turned out to be…thankfully. What I’ve loved is re-meeting a whole host of characters from her previous (stand-alone) novels.

The Christmas Wish, Tilly Tennant – on my to be read by Christmas or over the Christmas break pile

An Island Christmas, Jenny Colgan – on my to be read by Christmas or over the Christmas break pile

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery, Jenny Colgan – on my to be read by Christmas or over the Christmas break pile

Ok, that’s my Christmas reading list – what’s on yours?

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations Jo, I’ll keep an eye out! I’ve just finished the Coordinates of Loss and cried all morning so I need a more uplifting book next!

  2. Love the Christmas-themed books. None of my books really are Xmas themed, but I’m actually having a bit of a break from reading so AM watching some Xmas stuff on Netflix.

  3. Although the holidays are behind us for the time being, I LOVE all of your suggestions and will definitely be sure to check these out 😀 ! I just did a similar post (although with regular books, not holiday themed ones) over on my blog, which you should totally check out when/if you get a chance xox

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