Westley Farm Cottage…


The farmhouse...
The farmhouse…

Over the last couple of days, I’ve come to the realisation that I wasn’t meant to be a office and supermarket person.

Instead, I’ve constructed this rather detailed fantasy life where I live in a charming cottage, fitted out with mismatching bits and pieces that should have come from my travels, but instead have come from my new absolute favourite shop in the world- Anthropologie. It will be boho in style, and I will trudge through the fields with my pooch, waving at the sheep and saying hello to the chooks.

I’ll have a garden that will stock the table with home-grown seasonal vegetables and herbs and at least a few apple trees, or peach trees- I haven’t quite got that part of the fantasy nailed down. I’ll spend my days writing my next best-seller (as an aside, Big Girls Don’t Cry  is available on Amazon from December 8- the link is on the sidebar), walking, gardening, and cooking.

I’ll avoid supermarkets (except for the basics- and wine), and essentially be like a fatter and greyer (and more profitable- from the sale of millions of copies of Big Girls Don’t Cry) version of Barbara from The Good Life or a female Hugh from River Cottage. I might even write a cookbook.

I’d wake to views like this


or this


…and neighbours who have been known to bicker over carrot sticks…


Staying here, at Westley Farm, inspires one to fantasies such as the one I’ve outlined above. Sure, there are (more than a few) flaws in my plan that I’m choosing to overlook… some could say it’s completely unrealistic, but hey, a girl can dream…right? Besides, I could so see my Kali lying beside a fire like this…


Ok, back to reality. We stayed in Cockshutt Cottage. With two bedrooms- a double, and a twin; a cosy sitting room (with open fire) and kitchen space; and a bathroom with both shower and bath (not something to be taken for granted), and enough water pressure to wash my hair (again, not to be taken for granted); this cottage has all you need for the perfect family holiday.


There are sheep in the paddock up the back; donkeys in the neighbouring paddock; chooks down the lane; and Bella the dog turning up at the door with a chewed stick for throwing. In other words, there’s no shortage of furry and feathered friends.


As for the no supermarket thing? Forget driving into Stroud or Cirencester for Tescos or Waitress. The Jolly Nice Shop is just up the road- and it sells everything you could need…and other things that you didn’t know that you needed.


We loaded up on local cheese, local bacon, free range eggs, and fresh bread. We also grabbed some tomatoes, raspberries and fresh yoghurt. There are also sweet things, firewood, a butcher (stocking locally sourced meats), and vegetables being sold the way they’re meant to be sold. Check out these brussel sprouts…


The kitchen at Westley had everything we needed, so we had a break from pub meals on one night, and rustled up a spag bol. We couldn’t stay away from pubs for too long, and had a couple of meals at the Crown at Frampton Mansell, just a couple of minutes down the road…


and the Bell at Sapperton– again a few minutes drive away. In the summer time, with longer daylight hours, you’d be able to walk it.


Both are gastro pubs, with pub classics and more. Play it safe and book.

Anyways, I’ll tell you some more abut the Cotswolds and our little side trip to Bath and Chepstow over the next few days. We’re off to Exeter tomorrow, so if you want to know more about Wesley Farm, here’s the link.




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  1. I am seriously dying with envy over these places you’re staying in / eating in etc… I know I keep harping on about Escape to the Country but I only watch it cos I wanna live in an english village.

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