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Friday Five: A Weekend in Wellington

I spent last weekend in Wellington, New Zealand, visiting with a close girlfriend. It was exactly what I needed. I also, for the first time in months and months, did not type a word. No blogs, no manuscripts, no emails, no notes…nothing…. Read More

Wellington: the Beaches…

Have you ever noticed when you visit somewhere not particularly known for their good weather that people say things to you like ‘Yeah, nah, it’s not good today- you should have been here yesterday…it was great then!’ It’s like when we were… Read More


Aaaaah New Zealand. Man, I love that country! What can I say that I didn’t say in the multitudes of posts I penned during October? I’ll let the links do the talking: There was this post on Wellington- from my tummy A… Read More

Wellington- the Street Art

So anyways, I can’t complete a series of posts on a city without including some street art…  

Wellington: The Museum Hotel

Why stay here? The Art It’s called an Art Hotel for a reason….It starts outside… continues in the lobby… and is in every other nook and cranny… It’s  everywhere… The Lobby I like a lobby with a little glitz and glamour, but… Read More

Wellington, a sunny Sunday…just wow…

Forget the shops. On a sunny Spring Sunday (don’t try and say that too many times in a row) in Wellington, the only place to be is by the water. Here’s why: Wellington Writers Walk There are 23 quotes to find…here are… Read More

Good Morning from Wellington…Wow…

Good morning from Wellington…. Ok, it’s actually good morning from Sydney, but these are a few shots from a good morning in Wellington walk along the harbour front just a week or so ago.  

Road Trip Pt 1: Wellington to Picton

The first leg of our mini road trip is Wellington to Nelson. We’ll be doing the Wellington-Picton leg by sea, and Picton to Wellington by way of little red rental- and my friend’s driving. The Crossing. I’ve pushed myself hard into the… Read More

Wellington: the food

Excuse me a moment while I indulge in a memorable oyster moment. In front of me are six of the plumpest, creamiest, tasting of the sea-iest oysters I’ve had since a Bluff Oyster moment in Queenstown. In fact, these ones could possible… Read More

Like WOW

This is an old post originally from the astro site. I’m in the process of moving all my old travel & recipe posts across to here…apologies for any boredom in the interim! You always get your money worth out of a landing… Read More

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