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I’m up for the challenge…

I’m pleased to say that I’m officially back in a walking routine. My body (and my spirit) was so broken after completing Milford Track at the end of November that not only did I vow never ever ever to climb another mountain,… Read More

Friday Five: 5.30am training- 5 reasons why it’s a good idea…

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 90 minutes. How can anyone do that? I hear you ask. It’s so flipping boring, I hear you say. It is, I agree. But to be honest, I hopped on at 5.30 am, I popped… Read More

…now that wasn’t called for!

So there I am running* along Windsor Rd. The sky is blue- one of those clear, cold Sydney mornings. Crispy and cold.  I’m doing better than I expected I would be. This was the first outdoor run* since my recent bout with… Read More

breaking up is hard to do…

I broke up with my Personal Trainer today. No, it’s ok- the separation was amicable and mutually agreed. After two years the relationship has run its course…as has the 6 months of sessions I prepaid before I left work. That’s right, the… Read More

abstaining from abstinence…and being busy

I’m trying not to feel guilty. Twitter and the blogosphere are full of Dry-July-ers, No Junk July-ers and countless other healthy challenges. Hell, I’m participating in 2 of them- Paris in July and Photoaday July. Neither of which involve abstinence of any… Read More

10 reasons to get up and train early…

The rain’s beating down, it’s dark and the bed is warm. Why on earth should you get up when that alarm blasts and sleepwalk your way to the gym? Here are my top 10 (actually, there’s more than 10, but no one… Read More

jojo lost her mojo

The training part of this blog has been severely neglected of late. In losing my mojo, I indulged in a severe case of the why me’s: Why am I so fat? Why do I have to work at this so hard? Why… Read More