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Wellington: the Beaches…

Have you ever noticed when you visit somewhere not particularly known for their good weather that people say things to you like ‘Yeah, nah, it’s not good today- you should have been here yesterday…it was great then!’ It’s like when we were… Read More

Wellington, a sunny Sunday…just wow…

Forget the shops. On a sunny Spring Sunday (don’t try and say that too many times in a row) in Wellington, the only place to be is by the water. Here’s why: Wellington Writers Walk There are 23 quotes to find…here are… Read More

Wellywood: the sequel

The signs all through town herald that something big is happening. “Welcome to the middle of middle earth…” they say. Yep, the first of Peter Jacksons’ Hobbit movies is nearing its red carpet date and Wellington is embracing all things Tolkien related. It… Read More

friday five: five things I love about Wellington

Tomorrow, when this is due to go to press, I’ll be on a plane on my way to Wellington, New Zealand. I’m there for a few days to help a very special friend celebrate a very special birthday. Despite the miles, she’s… Read More

wellington: lucky we arrived yesterday

Wellingtonians have this joke. It’s about the weather- as most things Wellingtonian are. In fact you are reminded about the weather from the minute that you land, if not before if there happens to be a southerly blowing (you get an awful… Read More