There’s not a huge amount that I can say about Bath that hasn’t been said before, or written before- so I’ll tell you in pictures. Warning: it was a seriously manky day, so the light was crap. There’s the architecture, of course…. Read More

As we’ve seen so often this trip, the landscape changed almost immediately we changed counties. The warm stone of the Cotswolds gradually gave way to the grassy fields of Wiltshire and Somerset. The photo above was taken out the car window somewhere… Read More

I’ll always remember my first proper day in England on that visit way back in September 1995. Aunt Anne and Uncle Tom took us across from Gloucester to the markets at Chepstow Racecourse. It was raining and we bought cockles with vinegar and… Read More

  Over the last couple of days, I’ve come to the realisation that I wasn’t meant to be a office and supermarket person. Instead, I’ve constructed this rather detailed fantasy life where I live in a charming cottage, fitted out with mismatching… Read More

  We’re currently back in the Cotswolds, in a lovely farm cottage just outside the village of Chalford. There are donkeys and sheep in the paddock behind us, and through the kitchen window is a view across the valley to Chalford Hill…. Read More

One thing we’ve learned about Scotland so far, is if you see a patch of light, grab it- it mightn’t be there when next you look. So it was when we drove into Stirling. It had been raining when we left Bucklyvie,… Read More

Why did the Scots have to build their castles on the sides of cliffs? Yes, yes, I know the answer, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t ask the question. Stirling Castle was the same- I haven’t written about it yet, but… Read More

I was going to show you around a couple of castles- Stirling and Edinburgh- but given that Sarah is currently suffering an overdose of history and doesn’t care whether she ever hears anything about Robert the Bruce, William Wallace or the Jacobites again,… Read More

One of my strongest memories from when we were here twenty years ago, was of standing in the glen at Glencoe in the Scots mist and seeing one of those F number fighter jets come screaming through the glen- quite low. Then… Read More

Scotland has an incredibly rich and lyrical history. The sort of history that romantic heroes and stories are created from- despite the inherent violence and cruelty that was at the base of much of it. No doubt there’ll be more of that… Read More