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A new look at old Canberra…

A new look at old Canberra If you tell most Sydney-siders that you’re visiting Canberra, you’ll hear a resounding ‘why?’ After all, nothing happens there, right? If you tell most Melbournians that you’re visiting Canberra and you’ll also hear the same ‘why?’… Read More

E is for Escape

E is for Escape Astrologically I’m a Pisces…and one thing us Pisces like to do is escape…literally if possible, but we’ve also been known to escape into our imagination, daydreaming, illusions, delusions and, of course, some not so healthy addictions. The less… Read More

5 reasons I love Canberra…

I moved to Canberra, willingly, in 1988. I say willingly, because the most common response one gets when one talks about moving to Canberra is “why”? Generally speaking people only willingly move to Canberra if they want to work for the Australian… Read More