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Watsons Bay…

Tuesdays Staycation was Watsons Bay & the Gap. Miss T and I have done this jaunt before, but while Mr T and I have spent many a happy afternoon at the Watto Bay pub, he hasn’t done the walk up to the… Read More

Norah Head…

Mr T didn’t ask if he could move in with me- he just stopped going home. That was 24 years ago. It took me a couple of months to notice- by which time I was used to the idea. I can be… Read More

Sydney Fish Markets

Every so often I crave prawns. And oysters. Just as they are. No sauce, no frying, no cheesey stuff on top. Just natural. And not just any prawns will do- I need Aussie king prawns. At those times only two possibilities will… Read More

friday five: the staycation five

So, my part time job has finished for now. This means a lot of things- most of which I’ll go into in later posts, but for now it coincides with hubby being off work and the last full week of school holidays…. Read More

Manly- a thousand miles from care…

When I was at Uni and an impoverished student, one of my favourite things to do was take the ferry from Circular Quay across to Manly…and back again. As we left the Quay I’d look at the passenger ships moored at the… Read More

why I’ll never buy ricotta again…

I’m never buying ricotta again. In fact, I’m never buying quark (cream cheese), mascarpone or yoghurt again either. Well, not once I buy a yoghurt maker anyway. Today hubby and I did a cheese-making workshop. In just one day we learned how… Read More

baha’i temple

I’ll let you into a little secret- I’m a sucker for a dome. And great big, white 9 sided buildings plonked down in the middle of Australian suburban bushland. I also have a strange fascination with photographing really cool looking places of… Read More

island hopping in sydney: cockatoo island

OK, I admit it- I don’t really get art installations. At all. It’s not that I haven’t tried over the years, but I simply can’t get my head around most of it. Yet it’s something I feel that I should try harder… Read More

coogee to bondi coast walk

I’m about to stray into too much information territory- it hurts to sit down…and walk…and move. Stairs- and lots of them- tend to do that to you! Bondi is quintessentially Sydney- yet I have never been here. I don’t count coming through… Read More

watsons bay

I remember the first time I went to Watsons Bay. We were with my sister and her (new) husband, long before children came into our lives- she now has enough to populate a small village (a minor exaggeration)… Anyways, we arrived by… Read More