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fort denison…

Some days you just know your public transport karma is going to be off. So it was for yesterdays staycation. We would have got the (earlier) train if: We’d run for it or If the couple who already had their ticket hadn’t… Read More

friday five: Bondi…and beyond

Mr T has been on holidays all week. He has a busy job and works stupid, stupid hours, so the break has been good for him. Unfortunately, when he first booked this leave, I wasn’t working. As a result, he’s had most… Read More

sydney by instagram…

So my day didn’t quite turn out as planned. Armed with a backpack full of camera equipment I hit the streets of Sydney. I haven’t yet uploaded the results, so these are just randoms I took with the iphone and my favourite… Read More

baha’i temple

I’ll let you into a little secret- I’m a sucker for a dome. And great big, white 9 sided buildings plonked down in the middle of Australian suburban bushland. I also have a strange fascination with photographing really cool looking places of… Read More