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abstaining from abstinence…and being busy

I’m trying not to feel guilty. Twitter and the blogosphere are full of Dry-July-ers, No Junk July-ers and countless other healthy challenges. Hell, I’m participating in 2 of them- Paris in July and Photoaday July. Neither of which involve abstinence of any… Read More

fist pump moments

If you look for them, the day can be full of fist pump moments. You know, those tiny little wins that make you want to pump your fist in the air while the theme song from Karate Kid is playing in the… Read More

favourite photo

My favourite photo ever taken? That’s todays #photoaday theme. Impossible. Up until a few years ago I fancied myself as seriously serious about my photography, so persisted with a manual SLR and a fridge full of seriously expensive slide film. There would… Read More

cauliflower soup

I’m having a friend around for lunch today, so the timer in the photo is for the apple and sour cream slice that I just popped in the oven. We are also having cauliflower soup with fresh sourdough for dunking. A good… Read More

10 reasons to get up and train early…

The rain’s beating down, it’s dark and the bed is warm. Why on earth should you get up when that alarm blasts and sleepwalk your way to the gym? Here are my top 10 (actually, there’s more than 10, but no one… Read More