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5 Reasons I chose a Guided Walk

I have a really big decision to make- Milford Sound or Abel Tasman next…or perhaps that walk near Invercargill that I can never remember the name of…is it Humpbridge? Anyways, while browsing for info yesterday, I found an article about the pleasure… Read More

Some things I learned on Routeburn…

A good lip balm can’t be rated highly enough. The same goes for sunscreen- the sky is closer and the air purer here. Very little tastes better than water running from a clean mountain stream. Sometimes downhill all the way isn’t a… Read More

Routeburn Track Day 3: same, same, but oh so different…

another entry from my diary… There was almost a party atmosphere in the lodge this morning. We all know that this is it- just 10kms between us and the end. Just 3-4 hours of walking and, aside from leaving camp (and I… Read More

Routeburn Track Day 2: One Perfect Day

The following is straight from my personal diary…I’ve just deleted most references to people…and the really personal bits 😉 So, yesterday was hard. Today was harder…but the scenery was more expansive, more magnificent, more spectacular, more…insert your own superlative. There were also… Read More

The Route to Routeburn…

I blame Bear Grylls. Although, to be fair, he didn’t start it- not really. It was the guy that we dropped off at Glenorchy that day back in February on the Nomad Safari tour that really started the germ of the idea…. Read More